Vedic Astrology Lesson 159    

                                                                         Of Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga 


If a planet is debilitated

And its dispositor is angular
Or its lunar dispositor
Neechabhanga Raja Yoga is formed !
Neechangatho janmani ye grahasya
Tad rasinatha thad api ucchanatha
Sa lagna chandreshvapi kendravarthee
Raja bhaveth Dharmika Chakravarthee
If the Ascendant is Leo
And if the Sun tenants that Sign
And doesnt have Amsa in Taurus
Or Libra and if Mercury tenants
Virgo, a King is born
Even if born in low family !
If the Lagna lord is angular
Or aspected by a benefic
Regal the native becomes
So say Astrology's classics !
If the Sun and Moon are in odd signs
And if birth is male in an odd sign
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Maha Bhagya Yoga is formed
According to Hindu Astrology !
If the Sun and Moon  are in even signs
And if birth is female in an even sign
Maha Bhagya Yoga is formed
According to Vedic Astrology !
He/she born in Maha Bhagya Yoga
Generates bliss for others
Will be a donator and famous
Equivalent to a King
And long lived too
If the lord of the Lunar Ascendant
Be with the lord of the Ascendant
Tenant angles, and if a powerful planet
Aspect Lagna, Pushkala Yoga is formed !
He who is born in Pushkala Yoga
Will be prosperous and famous
Immaculately dressed
And exalted amongst men
So say the Astro wise !
Moon in own house or exaltation
Be in angles and trines
And aspected by Jove
Gauree Yoga results !
He who is born in Gauree Yoga
Will have handsome mien
Aristocratic, and friend of King
With good offsprings
Handsome to behold
Extolled by all
So say Astro classics !
If the Ninth lord and Venus
Be in own house or exaltation
In angles and trines
Maha Bhagya Yoga is formed !
If Jupiter, Venus and Mercury
Be in trines or angles
Be in the House Second
And if Jupiter be powerful
In own house or exaltation
Or in own house
Saraswathee Yoga results !
He who is born in Saraswathee Yoga
Will be highly intelligent
Maths, drama, prose, poetry
Rhetoric and other arts
Interest him
And give him skill masterful
He will be a poet
And master of  prose
He will know the quintessence
Of all the Saastras, sciences
Gadya Padya Rachana
Saastrartha Parangatha
Famous and graced by Luck
So say Astro savants !
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