VVedic Astrology Lesson 158

                                                                                      Of Combinations  


If Jove, Saturn and Lagna lord  

Be in own or exaltation  

In trines or angles
Vairincha Yoga is formed !

The native born in Vairincha
Will be highly intelligent
Expounder of Absolute Knowledge
Will be of the nature of Veda
Hilarious, never moving from path Vedic
With disciples galore !
Speaking affably, with wealth
With lustre divine on face
Long lived, with sense mastery
Extolled by those in government
Such is the Vairincha born !
Brahma Jnana parayano
Bahu mathir veda pradhano gunee
Hrishto Vaidika margatho na chalathi
Prakhyatha Shishys vraja
Soumyoktir bahu vitha dhara thanaya
Sa brahma thejojwalo
Dheerkhayur vijithendriyo nritha napo}
Vairinchi Yogoth Bhava
If the Lagna lord is exalted
And be in quadrants
Aspected by Jupiter
Chamara Yoga is formed !
He who is born in Chamara Yoga
Will be regal in outlook
Will be a scholar
Will have gift of the gab
Will be knowledgeable
Will be authority of Vedas
And will be long lived
Longevity around 70 years !
If the Fifth and the Sixth lords
Are in One Four Seven Ten
And if Lagna lord is powerful
And if Ninth lord is powerful
Shankha Yoga results !
The person born in Shankha Yoga
Will be fond of pleasures
Will be compassionate
Will be wealthy and with sons
Will be bound by tradition
And will have high longevity !
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If the Ninth lord is in the Second
And the second lord in the Ninth
Will be intelligent and valourous
Will be non competitive
And will be full of gratitude !
If the Ninth lord is exalted
In Moolatrikona or exaltation
And that Sign is angular
Lakshmee Yoga results
Moola Kendra Trikoneshu
Bhagyake Paramochhake
Lagnadhipe Baladye cha
Lakshee Yoga Udeeirthah !
The native born under Lakshmee
Will be versatile and virtuous
Scholarly, famous, handsome
Respected by lords
Will have a nice wife
Will be protector of own people
Devoid of major diseases
The receipient of Prosperity
And giver of Bliss to others !
Nithyam mangala sheelaya vanithaya
Kreedathyarogee Dhanee
Thejaswee Swajanan Surakshathi
Maha lakshmee prasadalaya
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