Vedic Astrology Lesson 157   

                      Of Combustion


A planet when it goes near Sun
Becomes combust, weak

Certain degrees have been given
For combustion in Astro classics !
For the Moon, degrees twelve
Seventeen for Mars
Thirteen for Mercury
Eleven for Jupiter
Nine for Venus
And fifteen for Saturn !
Different colors have been assigned
To the twelve Signs of the Zodiac
Aries is of reddish hue
Taurus is fair
Gemini is greenish
Cancer is fair
Leo is green
Virgo is multicolored
Libra is black
Scorpio is golden
Sagittarius is yellowish
Capricorn is red
Aquarius is black
And Pisces like fish !
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The Luni Solar Months Chaitradi
Are counted from the Luni Solar Zero Point
From the First New Moon of Pisces, Meena
From the First Lunation
TIll the next New Moon
Is Chaitra called !
The next is Vaishakha
Next Jyeshta
Next Ashadha
Next Sravana
Next Proshtapada
Next Aswina
Next Karthika
Next  Margashirsha
Next Pousha
Next Magha
And next Phalguna !

Sreekanta Yoga results
When the Sun and the Moon
And the lord of Lagna
Are powerful in angles or trines !
A Yogee he becomes
Wearer of Rudraksha
A lover of God
Ethical or moral
Helper of the poor
Respector of religions
And happy too !
If Venus, Ninth lord and Mercury
Are in angles and trines
Powerful in own or exaltation
Sree Nadha Yoga is produced !
Such a native will be prosperous
Humorous and hilarious
Lover of the Lord
Praying to Deity always
With good wife and children
Well liked and handsome
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