Vedic Astrology Lesson 154   

           The Aspects of  Planets 



The Moon is strong digitally

Only if he has digit strength
He is powerful only on ten days
In his glorious lunar cycle.
Five days before Full Moon
And five days after Full Moon
He is indeed powerful
And vice versa for the rest !
Three, Six, Eight, Eleven
Are known as Leena Sthanas
Three, Six and Twelve
Are known as Anishta !
If malefics own quadrants
They will confer good results
Contrarily  ownership of angles
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Are not good for benefics !
Three, Six, Ten, Eleven
Are Upachayas called
The rest eight Rasis
Are known as Apachayas !
All planets aspect
The Seventh from their Sign
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
Have  some special aspects
Mars aspects Four and Eight
Jupiter Five and Nine
Saturn Three and Ten
As special Dhrishtis !
Angular ownership for benefics
Is deplored generally
For instance, Aries rising
Has Venus as a malefic !
As Venus owns Two and Seven
He becomes a malefic functional
He can devastate the life of the native
So say the Astro wise !

Dvitheeya Dhyoona nathasthu
Graha Peeda Bhavishyathi}
Tad Dosha Pariharartham
Maha Mrityunjayam Japeth
For such Aries rising charts
Remedial measures to be done
Chant Maha Mrityunjaya
To avert calamities !
Jupiter can also devastate
With Kendradhipatya Dosha
Kendradhipatya Doshasthu
Balavan Guru Shukrayo
One, Four, Seven, Ten
Are known as quadrants
Next four are known as Panapara
And the next four Apoklima !
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