Vedic Astrology Lesson 151 

           Of Karma accumulated !


Astrology and Medicine are so interrelated
Only their Marriage can save mankind !

While Medicine focusses on natural causes Astrology focusses on causes celestial !
The accumulated Karma
Is Sanchitha called
That which is accumulated
During the births many !
Know Sanchitha from the Twelfth
Prarabda from the Fifth
Agami from the Ninth
So say the Astro wise !
If Houses Two, Five, Ten
Are tenanted by malefics
Know that Sins are caused
By Speech, Thought and Action !
If the Tenth is tenanted by benefic
And malefics are in Two and Five
Bad speech is the main cause
And action with malice aforethought !
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If the Fifth is tenanted by a malefic
And benefics tenant Two and Ten
Deeds done without presence of Mind
Had developed into Karma Negative !
If the said planets are in Chandra Hora
The Planetary Hour of Moon
Know that Karma is Drida Janya
Or done with thought, word and deed
If the said planets are in Soorya  Hora
The Planetary Hour of Sun
Know that Karma is Adrida Janya
Manslaughter and not murder !
The Houses Trika
Are good for malefics
As trines and angles
Are good for benefics
One should follow Kalangadi
The Limbs of the Cosmic Man
And also Bhavangadi
The limbs of the client !
One should know the Tissue Element Seven
Corresponding to the Seven Revolving Heavens
The Elemental Five and Planets Five
And the Three Humors and Planets !
Discern the association
Of the lords of Five, Nine, Twelve
Then you can discern Karma
Negative or positive of native !
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