Vedic Astrology Lesson 150 

      Of Symbolism Vedic II      



Indra is the Fifth Sun

Is the granter of boons
Via Prayer and Meditation
And enriches life !
Vivasvan  is the Sixth Sun
The dispeller of darkness
Shining as intelligence within
And the Guide of all !
Tvastha  is the Seventh Sun
Is the imparter of enjoyments
Sensory and mental
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On the plane mundane !
Vishnu  is the Sun Eighth
Who illumines us
About Sruthis and Smrithis
And the Law Divine !
Amshuman  is the Ninth Sun
Giver of physical strength
Also intellectual strength
And the lover of gratitude !
Bhaga  is the Sun Tenth
The Giver of Light
Pulling one from darkness
Darkness reprehensible !
Poosha  is the Eleventh Sun
The Giver of Progress
Shower of the Karmic Path
Lover of transmutation !
Parjanya  is the Twelfth Sun
Imperishable, all pervading
The Preserver Royal
Who preserves all through Love !
The seven wheels of the Chariot
Of the mighty Solar Deity
Are the seven lords of the Week
According to Symbolism Vedic !
The Six Azhis are the Rithus Six
Of our magnificient Sun !
Prana and Rayee as Ahas and Ratri
And also as days, months, years
As Northern and Winter Solstices
And the Wheel of time based on years
And as the mighty Kalapurusha
And as the Twelve aspects of the Sun
As the Dwadasa Adityas
Aho Ratro vai Prajapathi
Sthasyahareva Prano
Follow the Plan Eternal !
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