Vedic Astrology Lesson 149     

             Of Symbolism Vedic


The Sun represents Absolute Self
And is Astrology's  Deity Central !
All Mysticism is based on Him
The Divine Solar Consciousness !

Absolute Being and Relative Being
Are known as  Prakriti and Purusha
In the Scale Macroscopic
As Prana and Rayee
On the level Microscopic !

Prana and Rayee together
Is Prajapathi, the Progenitor !
Purusha is Kala, Time Personified
As declared by the Lord, Kaloham !
What is Kala's manifestation ?
It is Samvatsar, as the Solar Year !

Samvatsara's manifestation Northern
Is Northern Solstice, Uttarayana
His southern manifesation
Is Southern Solstice, Dakshinayana !
Sun is the lord of Uttaryana
Symbolically, Moon of Dakshinayana
So Sol and Luna together
Are Prana and Rayee entwined inextricably !

The five feet of Aditya
Are the Pancha Pranas
Pranan, Apanan, Udanan
Samana and Vyana
The Fivefold Life Force !

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The Tweflve Adityas
Are  Suns in the Months Twelve

Vidhatha is the First Sun
Is controller of Jeeva
And guides to greater glory
As the Lustre of the Self !

Aryaman is the Second Sun

And is the bestower of Grace
Imparter of Courage
And makes us enthusiastic !
Mithra is the Third Sun
Giver of tired Nature's
Sweet restorer, Sleep
And imparter of Energy !
Varuna  is the Fourth Sun
Is the granter of Victory
Over elements dark
And is the Lord of Effort !
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