Vedic Astrology Lesson 148 

                                                                                    Verses about Epilepsy


Saturn and Rahu in the Eighth

Malefics in Five and Nine
With Mars and Sun Rogaprada
Epilepsy indicated !
What is Roga prada?
If Sun is in Six, Eight, Twelve
Or in Badha Sthana
Or if Mars is posited in these
Epilepsy indicated !
Rahu and Saturn in Eight
Epilepsy foreseen !
Association of Moon with Saturn
Moon aspected by Mars
Moon closeted with Parivesha
Three types of Epilepsy caused !
Now we will deal with
Time when disease subsides
When Full Moon is in Lagna
Aspected by Jove
Jove and Venus angular
Disease will subside !
Moon in the Upachayas
Three, Six, Ten, Eleven
Lagna aspected by benefics
Trines, angles and Two
Tenanted by benefics
If you see this combo
Know that disease will subside !
Disease must have begun
When Moon entered the Sign
Of the lord of the Sixth
When Moon transits the Sign
Of the lord of the Fourth
Disease will subside !
If Sixth lord tenants Sign Cardinal
Disease will not subside
If he tenants Sign Fixed
Disease will subside
If he tenants Sign Mutable
Slowly it will subside !
Ascendant lord in Papakarthari
Malefics in Lagna
Lagna in Papakarthari
Moon in malefic association
Moon in Papakarthari Yoga
Moon weak in digital strength
Weak Moon in Houses Trika
Malefics in Trika Houses
Disease will not subside
If any of these combos are present !
The Lagna lord represents Head
Second lord Face
Third lord Chest
Fourth lord Heart
Fifth lord Stomach
Sixth lord Waist
Seventh lord Torso
Eighth lord Private parts
Ninth lord Thighs
Tenth lord  Knees
Eleventh lord legs
And Twelfth lord Feet
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