Vedic Astrology Lesson 147 

        Verses for Leprosy & Lunacy !




If Moon be with Mars

In the adverse Sixth
Skin disease indicated
So say Astro Classics !
If Sun be with Moon and Mars
Be in the Sixth House
Same skin disease can be predicted
According to the classics of Astro !
If the Queen of the Solar Logos
Mighty Luna be in the second
Decanate of Sagittarius
With Amsa in Pisces, Cancer
Capricorn and Aries
Be with Saturn and Mars
Leprosy indicated !
If the native be born
In the first decanate 
Of Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus
And Moon be in Capricorn
And if the Ascendant be
Associated with malefics
Or aspected by malefics
Leprosy indicated !
If the heavenly Queen, Moon
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Be in Pisces, Aries, Capricorn
In the Navamsa Chart
Be associated with malefics
With aspects malefic
And aspects benefic
No leprosy indicated !
If the Ascendant is tenanted
By planets other than the First lord
Leprosy is indicated
According to Acharya Vaidya Natha !
If Saturn tenants Ascendant
Blue Leprosy
If Sun tenants First
Blood Leprosy
If Mars, Swetha Kushta

If Moon be in Cancer
Capricorn or Pisces
In Rasi or Amsa
Unaspected by benefics
With Saturn or Mars
Leprosy indicated !
We give the factors astro
For the touch of the Moon, Lunacy !
Jupiter in Ascendant
Saturn in Seventh
Both aspecting mutually
Is one such combo !
Saturn in Ascendant
Mars in Seven, Five, Nine
Lunacy indicated
For the unfortunate native !
Jupiter in Ascendant
Mars in Seventh
Both aspecting mutually
Is one such combo !
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