Vedic Astrology 145   

              More Medical Verses II


If the Sixth lord and Mercury

Are with Ascendant lord and Rahu
Native becomes impotent
So say Astrology's classics !
The Ascendant lord and Mars
In the adverse Sixth
Urinary tract diseases
Are indicated for the native !
If the Sixth lord and Mercury
Be with the demon Rahu
Uterus may be removed
So say Astrology's classics !
If the Sixth lord be with Mars
Unaspected by benefics
Urinary diseases indicated
So say the Astro wise !
Surgery can be indicated
By this combination also
In private parts
So averr Astrology !
Also the relationship
With Venus and Gulika !
In the second half of Capricorn
Moon in Cancer or Pisces
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His dispositor in the Sixth
Planets in watery signs aspecting
Urinary problems indicated !
Moon in the Eighth House
Or in the House Eighth
Aspected by Mars
Urinary problems seen !
If the Sixth lord be weak
And Mars tenant the Lagna
Destruction of digestive fire
Thus affirm Astrology's classics !
Malefics in the Ascendant
Or the demon Rahu
Saturn in House Eighth
Digestive tract disorders !
If Saturn be in Cancer
Moon in Capricorn
Digestive tract disorders
Indicated,as per heavenly Science !
If Saturn be with Mars
Aspected by Sun and Rahu
And if Ascendant lord is weak
A patient is born !
If Moon be with malefics
In Capricorn or Aquarius
In Sixth or the Eighth
Stomach disease indicated !
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