Vedic Astrology Lesson 144 

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If Mars and Venus in Seventh

Are aspected by malefics
Blood Pressure certain.
If Moon has his Amsa in Scorpio
Or in watery Cancer
Piles certain for the native
If debilitated Saturn, Mars, Rahu
Associate with the planets
Signifying disease
Or aspect  them
The most dreaded Cancer !
Diabetes is caused
By Venus in Papakarthari
Moon in the Sixth
And Sixth lord in the Eighth !
When a malefic aspects
Venus in the Eighth
Diabetes indicated
So say Astro Classics !
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If the Ascendant is aspected by malefics
Acendant lord in inimical houses
Or in debilitation signs
Diabetes afflicts native !
If Moon is under Papakarthari
And tenants houses Saturnine
Asthma can be caused
Thus spake the Astro Classics !
If Rahu is in the Fifth
Aspected by a malefic
Or if Ketu is in the Eleventh
With the lord of the Sixth
Poisoning is the cause !
If the Sixth lord be debilitated
Or in houses inimical
Or in Papakarthari Yoga
Or associated with malefics
Or aspected by malefics
Cancer may afflict native !
If the Ascendant lord
And the Sixth lord
Be with mighty Saturn
Digestive tract disorders !
If Mars, Mercury, Ascendant lord
Be in places other than angles
Or in the Fourth or Eighth
Troublesome Piles indicated !
If Moon with Saturn
Tenant Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius
In either Rasi or Navamsa
Problems in the organ generative !
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