Vedic Astrology Lesson 143 

        Of  Heart Attack


When Aries rises as Ascendant

Check the House Fifth
If it be connected to Trika lords
Heart problems indicated !
Or when Libra rises as Lagna
The Fifth House to be checked
If connected to lords Trika
Affliction to the hear indicated !
Connection can be triune
Aspect, tenancy, exchange
Dhrishti, sthithi, parivarthana
So say Astrology's classics !
If Sun and Ketu are associated
If Sun is with Rahu, Saturn and Mars
Problems to the heart seen
So say the Astro wise !
If the Fifth be tenanted by a malefic
Or the Fourth be tenanted by a malefic
With cruel and malefic vargas
Problems to the heart seen !
If Jupiter is in Ascendant
And Saturn is in the Seventh
Weak, problems to heart
Can be discerned !
If the House Fourth
Which rules the Heart
Is tenanted by Rahu
Heart afflictions indicated
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If the lord of Ascendant be
Aspected by malefics
And Saturn be aspected by malefics
Problems to heart seen !
If the Fourth House
Be tenanted by Mars
And if the Ascendant lord be
In debiliation or houses inimical
Heart afflictions indicated !
If Sun is closeted with malefics
And associated with the Sixth lord
And if Saturn or Jove tenant Fourth
Blood Pressure indicated !

If a malefic tenants the third
Problems to the neck indicated !
If Guliks is in Third
Definite is the disease !
If the Third is tenanted by a planet
Debilitated or in houses inimical
Or nearing combustion
Problems to the neck seen !
This may be due to food poisoning
Or poisoning by enemies
This is a destructive yoga
So say Astrology's classics !
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