Vedic Astrology 142    

           Of the Six Seasons 


The Six Seasons of the Indian Calendar

Are normally taken as Tropical
They can also be taken as Sidereal
Or Lunar, as you please !
Greeshma is represented by Sun, Mars
Varsha by Moon
Sharath by Mercury
Hemanta by Jupiter
Vasanta by Venus
And Sisira by Saturn !
Amongst the Fivefold Sheaths
The Intellectual Sheath
Is symbolised by Saturn
The Vital Sheath
Is represented by Venus
The Blissful Sheath
By the lord of Bliss, Jupiter
The Material Sheath
By the intellectual Mercury
And the Mental Sheath
By Sun and fiery Mars !
The causes of death are many
The planet posited in the Eighth
Or the planet aspecting the Eighth
And the Lord of the Eighth
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Find out which is more powerful
And predict the cause !
If Sun is in Eighth House
Death due to Pitha and Vata
If Moon, Blood Pressure
If Mars, due to weapons
If Mercury, Lunacy
If Jupiter, problems due to Kapha
If Venus, due to women
And if Saturn, due to Vata !
Four lakh verses were created
Dealing with the Triune Astro Physics
Siddhanta, Samhita and Hora
The Thriskanda Jyothis Saastra
Brihaspathi, the Chief of the Celestials
Condensed them into books thousand twenty
Of which two thousand dealt with Hora
All these information is enshrined
In the great treatise, Deva Kerala !
Five Siddhantas were enshrined
In the Skanda called Ganitha
Brahma, Soorya, Vasistha
Romasa, Paulisha
Called Pancha Siddantika
The Fivefold Treatise !
Paithamaham cha Vasishtam
Sauram cha Pulisham thadha
Vede Saha Samutbhootam
Veda chakshu Sanatanam
The Rising Sign
Called the Ascendant
Signify all there is
To be known astrologically
Sat, Asat, Sada Sat
Drida, Adrida, Dridaadrida
Astrology is the Lamp in Darkness
The true Thamaseeya Deepah !
The Lamp which illumines
The darkness of Nescience !
That which other sciences cannot discern
Is discerned by this scientia intuitiva !
Why certain medicines do not affect
Why certain diseases aggravate
Medicine should learn this
From this Queen of all Sciences !
The negative karma which afflicteth
And the solution to that negativity
Which this Lamp in Darkness advocateth
Should be done religiously !
Hence Astrology is a science
Propaedeutic to Medicine !
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