Vedic Astrology 141  

Of Ahamspatis, Samsarpas and Adhi Masas


The Six Afflictions of Electional Astrology
Are said to be Ahamspati, Samsarpa, Adhimasa

The Visibility of Jupiter and Venus
The Opposition of Jupiter and Venus
 And vision of Jupiter and Venus during day.
We better define these concepts
Concepts which are important
In Astrology Electional !
A month without Solar Ingress
Is called an Adhi Masa.
A month with two Solar Ingresses
Is called Ahamspati
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Chandra masau Dwi Sankranti yuktau
Ahamspathiruchyathe !
The month without Solar Ingress
Is called Samsarpa
And the month before Ahamspathi
Without Solar Ingress
Is called Adhi Masa


Soorya Samkrama Rahithe
Mala Masobhidheeyathe !

We have to understand
The four type of Years
Called Savana, Samvatsara
Nakshatra and Chandra !
Souram Chandram Savanam Cha
Thadha Nakshatram eva cha
60*24 minutes reckoned
From Sunrise to Sunrise
Is Savana day, month, year called
And is of 360 days duration !
Samvatsara is known to all
Sun's journey through the Zodiac
From Zero Aries to 360th Pisces
And is 365.25 days in duration !
Nakshatra is the journey 
Of Moon, through Constellations
The Twenty Seven which tenant
The mighty Sidereal Zodiac !
And is of 324 days duration
Chandra is the journey of the Moon
Through the many Lunations
Is reckoned from Ist Lunation in one month
To the same lunation in another !
And is of 354 days duration !
The Chaitradi Masas
Are the lunar months
When Solar Ingress into Aries
Takes place in Lunar months
That month is Chaitra called !
Reckoned from Shukla Prathama
Counting 30 Thidhis !
Similarly, other months lunar are
Vaishakha, Jyeshta, Ashadha
Sravana, Proshtapada, Asvina
Karthika, Margasirsha, Pousha
Magha and the ultimate Falguna !
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