Vedic Astrology 140  

 On the House of Marriage     


If the House of Marriage is tenanted

By Venus, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury
Women who are Venusian, Lunar
Jovial and Mercurian
Will enter native's life !
Of if two or three of them
Tenant the House Seventh
Same result can be forecast
Know that to be Astrology's decree !
Or if one of them tenant
Or aspect the Marriage House
Same result can be forecast
Such are Astrology's decrees !
If the House of Marriage is tenanted
By malefics, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Sun
The lord of time, Saturn Himself
Destruction of spouse indicated !
If Saturn and Moon tenant
The romantic Seventh
She will go to another man
With husband dead or alive !
If Moon and Venus tenant Seventh
And if Seventh be strong
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Lots of wife indicated
So say the astro wise !
If Mars and Venus tenant Seventh
Problems to spouse indicated !
Or in the Fifth or the Ninth
Problems can only strengthen
If Jove be in the Fifth
Son surpasses Father
Will be endowed with qualities good
Blessed with a good wife !
The Sign which rises
As the Sixty Fourth Navamsa
Counted from Lagna Navamsa
Or Moon's Navamsa
Can indicate death !
Know thief's form
From the Rising Decanate
In Chora Prashna
This is Astrology's decree !
The lord of the Decanate
His color and his characteritics
All apply to the form of the thief
So say Astrology's classics !
Know the thief from the Sixth House
Or the lord of the Sixth House
Or the planet posited in the Sixth
So say Astrology's classics !
If Mars tenant the Seventh
Separation from spouse indicated
Wife will leave the earthly realms
If Saturn aspects Mars !
If Mars and Venus tenant the Seventh
There will be separation from spouse
Even if they are in Fifth or Ninth
Same result forecast !
If the Seventh lord be powerful
Wife will be rich
Dhareshe Bala Sampoorne
Vivaho Dhaninam Kula
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