Of Electional Hours Positive



Avoid Dushta Yoga

Following  verses define Dushta Yoga
It is known also as Vara Tara Yoga

When Sunday combines  with Magha
Or Bharani or Avittam
Or Anuradha or Mrigasira
Or Karthika or Vishakha
Or Aswathi or Jyeshta

Monday with Pushya
Or Poorvashada or Magha
Or Vishakha or Chithra
Or Anuradha or Uttara
Or Uttarashada or Uthrattathi
Tuesday with Aslesha or Aridra
Or Vishakha or Jyeshta
Or Revathi or Poorvashada
Or Uttrashada or Sravana
Or Dhanishta or Satabhisha
Or Poorvabhadra or Uttarabhadra
Wednesday with Dhanishta
Or Moola Or Bharani
Or Aswathi or Revathi
Or Poorvabhadra or Vishakha

Thursday with Uttara
Or Satabhisha or Rohini
Or Karthika or Chitra
Mrigasira or Aridra

Friday with Swathi
Or Rohini  or Bharani
Or Vishakha or Hasta
Or Pushya or Aslesha
Or nodal star, Magha
Saturday with Hasta
Or Pushya or Uttara
Or Punarvasu or Chithra
Or Poorvashada or Uttarashada
Or Sravana or Revathi
This is Vara Tara Yoga
Avoid these for all hours !
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Positive Electional Hours
Amrita Khadi  is excellent
A benefic planet rising
Mars, Sun, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn
Are malefics natural
Also digitally weak Moon
And badly associated Mercury
All others are benefics
These malefics natural
When they move from one Sign
That Sign become auspicious
When benefics tenant
Select such signs
For electional hours !
Select auspicious Muhurtha
A Muhurtha is 2 Nadis
48 minutes is the duration
Of a Muhurtha
Abhijith or Vega is a lovely Star
It is the Eighth Murtha
Counted from Sunrise
19 Nadis is its duration
Abhijith Muhurtha is the best !
Muhurtas are ruled by certain stars
Select only the Anna Stars
Which rule these Muhurthas
Not other stars !
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