Vedic Astrology Lesson 137 

  Of Mass Horary, Ashta Mangalya Prashna II


Avoid Nisheedha, Roudree Nama Sandhya Six*Twenty Four minutes from Sunrise Also Paisachee Nama Sandhya Two*Twenty Four Minutes after SunriseAvoid Rakshasee Nama Sandhya

Ten*Twenty Four seconds at Midnight
Also Brahmee Nama Sandhya
Ten*twenty four seconds at Mid Noon
Avoid all these for Horary !

Avoid Sankranti

There are two types
Rasi Sankranti and Bimba Sankranti
The Solar Ingress into a Sign
Is Rasi Sankranti
16 Nadis before and after
Is Bimba Sankranti called !
Eschew these for all horary hours !
Avoid Three, Five, Seven
Stars counted from Birth Star
They are called Pratyak, Vipat, Vadha
Stars which are inimical !
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Avoid Ashubha Yogas
Bharani and Sunday
Chitra and Monday
Uthrashada and Tuesday
Dhanishta and Wednesday
Jyeshta and Thursday
Poorvashada and Friday
Revati and Saturday
Avoid these for all Horary hours !
Avoid Visha Yoga
Karthika, Panchami, Sunday
Chitra, Dwiteeya, Monday
Rohini, Pournami, Tuesday
Bharani, Sapthami, Wednesday
Anuradha, Thrayodasi, Thursday
Sravana, Shashti, Friday
Revathi, Ashtami, Saturday
Avoid these for Horary hours !
Avoid Vara Thidhi Yoga  
Sunday with Lunations
Six or Seven or Ten or Fourteen
Monday with Thidhis
Six or Seven or Eleven
Tuesday with Lunations
Five or Seven or Eight or Ten
Wednesday with Thidhis
One or Eight or Nine
Thursday with Lunations
Six or Eight or Twelve
Friday with Thidhis
Two or Three or Nine
Or Ten or Six or Eleven
Saturday with Lunations
Seven or Nine or Eleven Of Thirteen, avoid these ! Eastro Vedica's Social Media Profiles