Vedic Astrology 134 

  Of Longevity Factors


How difficult it is to answer

When query is about patient's longevity
Here are some horary factors
Which may help you in prognostication.
If Gulika tenants angles and trines
And Eight, with malefics
In houses excluding Three and Eight
And with benefics tenanting
Three, Six, Eight, Twelve
The native will surely die !
Even though benefics
Tenanting Eighth is good
Gulika in Eighth is not good
And surely means death !
If  Moon is aspected by malefics
And is in Six or Eight
And if Mars or Rahu  is in Eight
Death is certain !
If Moon is in Six or Eight
Despite planets aspecting it
Matters not  if they are malefics or benefics
It is not good for Ayus !
If the Eighth lord is associated with Gulika
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And if weak Moon is in House Eighth
And if a Prushtodaya Rashi ascends
Death will inevitably ensue !
If weak Luna be in Twelfth
And if malefics be in 4, 7, 8, 10
And if benefics tenant houses sans angles
Death is certain for native !
If Moon be with Gulika
And tenant One, Eight, Seven
And Mars tenant Eighth
Death is imminent !
If Seventh be tenanted
By three or more malefics
And if Udaya is Eighth from Aroodha
Predict death for the native !
If the Seventh or the First
Be under Papakarthari
That is hemmed in between malefics
Death is imminent !
Or if all malefics
Tenant Sixth or Twelfth
Or the Second and the Eighth
These are Death Yogas !
If Aroodha or Udaya
Come in Junctional Points
Of the Zodiac, Gandanthas
Predict death for the native !
Or if malefics aspect
Aroodha or Udaya !
If the Eighth House from Aroodha
Or from Udaya ;In Rasi or in Navamsa
Be with the supremely malefic Gulika
Death is imminent !
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