Vedic Astrology Lesson 130    

  Of Dustha and Sustha Planets


A planet powerfully posited
Is Sustha called
A planet badly positioned
Is known as Dustha.

Six, Eight, Twelve
Are known as Trika
The Evil Triad
That bring misery !

If Trika, Trines, Seven, Four
Are tenanted by weak malefics
They are called Dustha
Benefics in Trika
Even if powerfully posited
Are also Dustha !

The Dustha planets
The enemies of the Lagna lord
Do immense harm;
Different from eight houses described above
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Are Three, Ten and Eleven
Malefics are welcome is these three
Are Sustha called
Benefics in nine houses
Apart from Trika, 6,8,12
Are also Sustha !


All planets with Moon are Sustha
As they are Samagama !
Susthas do good to native
Dusthas do immense harm !
If Sun is Dustha
Out of favor with Government
Problems from Tutelary Deity
Problems from thieves
Danger to wife and sons
Danger from weapons
Fear of Fire
Digestive tract disorders
Danger to eyes
Diseases of the skin
Fear of enemies
Danger to heart
All these are indicated !
If Moon is Dustha
Excess sleep
Laziness in all matters
Predominance of Kapha
Diarrhea and thinness of body
Anger of Tutelary Deity
Lack of mental peace
All these indicated !
If Mars is Dustha
Excess thirst
Blood Pressure
Fear of weapons
Fear of Fire
Danger to eyes
Loss of bone marrow
Danger from Government
Danger from thieves
Danger from enemies
All these indicated !
If Mercury is Dustha
Bad dreams, incarceration
Diseases of the neck
Mental tensions galore
All these are indicated !
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