Vedic Astrology Lesson 129  

About the Three Humors and Planets                                                  


It is difficult to predict longevity

From one's natal chart !
Only the Grace of the Guru
Can save the Daivajna !
The Root Cause of all disease
Is Evil or Sin, as per Wisdom
Can manifest as imbalance
Of  the humors three !

Or as possession by spirits evil
Or  by affliction by planets
One's own Sin is the Cause
So say Astrology's classics !
It is Sin alone which manifests
As imbalance of  humors triune
Or  as afflictions of planets
Or  as  possession evil !
Doctors say disease due to imbalance
Of  bile, phlegm,wind, Vata, Pitta, Kapha !
Astrologers say planets afflict native
Occultists say possession by evil
Philosphers say Karma is the Cause !
Vata, wind,  rises in Greeshma
Becomes malign in Varsha
Subsides in Sharath
So say Medical Astrology !
Pitta, bile,  rises in Varsha
Becomes malign in Sharath
Subsides in Hemanta
Medical Astrology decrees so !
Kapha, phlegm,  rises in Sisira
Becomes malign in Vasanta
Subsides in Greeshma
So say the wise !

For a quick recap

Vasanta is Aries and Taurus
Gemini and Cancer are  Greeshma
Leo and Virgo are Varsha
Libra and Scorpio are Sharath
Sag and Capricorn are Hemanta
And Aquarius and Pisces are Sisira !
( Sidereal, of course, the seasons six  ! ).
If  you divide duration diurnal by three
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You get 4 hours or  Ten Nadis  each
Vata, Pitta and Kapha respectively
Rise in all the 4 hour  divisions .
Similarly for food taken in
The first tri part is rise of Kapha
Next Pitta, next Vata
So say the astro wise !
The Sun represents Vata and Pitta
Vata and Kapha are   Moon's properties
The son of earth, Mars, is Pitta dominant
Mercury is a blend of  all three
Jove is Vata and Kapha combined
Mars represents Kapha and Vata
Saturn symbolises Vata and Pitta
Weak Moon represents dispositor's Dosha
And strong Moon  Kapha
Also Moon in Signs watery !

Vatam Pittayutham Karothi Dinakrith
Vatam Kapham Sheetagu
Pittam Bhoomi sutha Thadha sasi sutha
Vatham cha Pittam Kapham
Jeevau Vata Kaphau Sithanil Kaphau
Vatam cha Pittam Shanee
Ksheenedu Sthinatha rasi kathitham
Poornam Kapham thoyabhe !
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