Vedic Astrology Lesson 127  

                                                                                                                                                                                              General Verses

If the Fifth lord be in the Fifth

Or some powerful planet Tenant the House of Progeny Native will have good sons !  

If a weak planet tenants Fifth
Or if a malefic tenants  Fifth
Native will have bad sons
And will be devoid of brains !
If Rahu tenants Fifth
Native will be devoid of sons
Sans intelligence, punya
So say Astrology's classics !




If Mars tenants the Fifth
Loss of progeny indicated !
But if the Fifth be Virgo
Female progeny implied !
If Sun be in the Fifth
In Virgo, aspected by benefics
Native will have sons
And daughters too !
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If the Fifth be a malefic sign
And if powerful malefics tenant
Unaspected by benefics
Native will be childless !
If Moon tenants Aries, Scorpio
In the Fifth, aspected by Saturn
In Rasi or Navamsa
Native may have illegitimate children !
If the Fifth House exhibits
Lunar or Venusian properties
And be an even sign
And if Moon and Venus tenant
Fifth or aspect the Fifth
Devoid of association
Of other planets
Lots of daughters !
If an odd Sign
Lots of sons !
If the Tenth is tenanted by Moon
And the Seventh by Venus
And the Fourth is occupied by malefics
Native wont have progeny !
If malefics tenant
One, Twelve, Five, Eight
Same result can be forecast
So say the classics of Astrology !
If Mercury and Venus tenant
And a malefic be in Fifth
And a malefic in Eighth
Native wont have progeny.
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