Vedic Astrology Lesson 126  

        General Verses            


If three malefics are weak

In First, Seven or Eight
Predict that after marriage
No auspiciousness for couple !
If no three malefics are present
In First, Seven or Eight
Auspiciousness can be predicted
After the wedding bells !
If Moon tenant Sixth or Eighth
And Mars be in Sixth or Eighth from Moon
Husband will peg out before child birth
Within eight years after marriage !
If  Moon be assoicated with malefics
In the adverse Sixth or Eighth
The couple will meet with Death
Within eight years after marriage !
If a planet is aspected by its enemy
Be in inimical signs or debilitated
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And tenant the Ascending Sign
The native becomes a widow !
If the Ascendant be a malefic Sign
And if  a weak malefic be posited therein
Native becomes widow
Says Astrology's classics !
If Moon and Mars be
Be in Ascendant or Seventh
Husband will die on seventh month
From the date of marriage !
If the Moon and Lagna be
With aspects or association benefic
Or in Shubha Vargas
Longevity for the couple indicated !
If the Moon and Ascendant  be
With aspects or association malefic
Or in Papa Vargas, malefic
Low longevity for couple indicated !

If the Seventh be a movable Sign
And if Mercury and Saturn tenant
Husband will be a eunuch
And will live overseas !
If Sun tenant the Seventh
Aspected by Saturn
Native will be renounced
By husband, so say the wise !
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