Vedic Astrology Lesson 125


                                                                                               General Verses     

Moon is the Root of the Tree

The Tree Astrological
All planets are its branches
Only if the Root is powerful
Can the Tree be deemed strong !
So the strength of the Moon
Is indeed important; and if he be weak
Jove and others cant do anything
So say Astrology's classics !
If the lord of Navamsa Ascendant
Be indeed strong, angular or trinal,
With aspect of the Second lord
And with association with Eleventh lord
And be posited in angles or trines
Gain of wealth can be indicated !
If the Eleventh lord be Dustha
Posited in houses Trika, 6,8,12
With aspect or association
With the supremely malefic Gulika
Loss of Punya indicated
Detriment to Prosperity
And gains, so say the wise !
Sun and Moon are planets political
They should both be strong
And well placed, angular or trinal
Even if Mars, Venus  et al are weak
No problems foreseen
If King and Queen are favorable
All officers will be benign !
If malefics tenant Second, Twelfth
Devoid of wealth the native becomes
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If they tenant Fourth or Seventh
Transfer indicated !
Or overseas travel predicted !
If they tenant Fifth or Ninth
No morality, IQ or happiness
If they tenant adverse Eighth
No longevity or enthusiasm !
If they tenant Ascendant
Will have ailments physical
If they are exalted
A cruel King is born !
If the lunar dispositor
Is associated with the Sun
Or aspected by the Sun
Paternal legacy indicated !
If the lunar dispositor
Is associated with the Moon
Or aspected by the Moon
Maternal  legacy indicated !
If the Ninth House is tenanted
Or aspected by benefics
Native is possessed of Punya
If malefics, otherwise !
If Jupiter, Venus, Mercury
Are powerful, angular or trinal
Great Vidya should be forecast
Mercury represents knowledge academic
Jupiter represents Wisdom divine
Venus represents all liberal arts
Education is symbolised by these Three !
If the Ninth lord be in Ascendant
Exalted, in Three or Nine
Great man is the native
So say Astrology's classics !
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