Vedic Astrology Lesson 124  



                                                                    Of Astro Meteorology, Varsha Prashna

If during the time of Horary

If the Third or Second House
Is watery and if a watery planet tenants
Great rains predicted !
If Monsoon season is on
If Moon and Venus tenant
Signs Sama Saptama, One/Seven
With aspects benefic
Rains can be predicted !
Or if the Queen of the Solar Logos
Tenant Fifth from Saturn
Or Ninth or Seventh with aspects benefic
Great rains predicted !
Rains can be predicted when
Thiruvathira Njattuvela begins !
When the Sun enters Alpha Orionis
Also when Sun enters Cancer
When planets begin their comubstion
When Moon and Mars enter one sign
When Sun enters Bharani
Mrigasira, Aridra, Punarvasu, Pushya
Rohini, Aslesha and Magha !

When Mercury combines with Moon
When he combines with Jove
Or when he combines with Venus
Rains can be forecast !
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When Mars and Saturn combine
When Mercury and Venus associate
Or when aspected by Mercury and Venus
Wind and thunder imminent !
When Indrachapa rises
And when watery Sign ascends
Venus rises along with Lagna
And when Sun and Moon
Tenant Signs Watery
Great rains can be predicted !
If Indrachapa descends
And Venus and Moon
Tenant watery Signs
In Rasi and Amsa
Rains can be predicted !
When Indrachapa ascends
And if Moon is in signs watery
And if Saturn and Mars
Tenant non-watery signs
Great rains can be predicted !
When the Sun is enveloped by clouds
His conglomeration of rays
Is called Prathi Soorya
Resembling the Sun !
If Prathi Soorya is in the North
Rains can be predicted
If Prathi Soorya is in the South
High winds can be predicted
If he be seen in North and South
Great rains indicated.


If he be visible on the Upper disk
Danger indicated to Government
If he be visible on the Lower disk
Danger indicated to people !
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