Vedic Astrology Lesson 122    


Of Malefics and Benefics

If malefics tenant the Seventh Adversity to Spouse indicated

Pape Kalatra bhavane
Thu Kalatra nasa !
Or separation from Spouse
Or he who went away will not come
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Contrarily, if benefics tenant Seven
Marriage and happiness with spouse !
Malefics in the Eighth destroy subordinates
Obstacles in all, anger from multitude
Dissipation of wealth due to Government
Or due to machinations of enemies !
If benefics tenant the adverse Eighth
Lessening of disease indicated 
High longevity, happiness
So say the classics of Astrology !
If malefics tenant the glorious Ninth
Destruction to Punya, Dharma, Bhagya !
Contrarily, if benefics tenant Nine
Increase of Bhagya, Punya, Dharma !
If malefics tenant the famous Tenth
Obstacles in all Karma indicated
Infamy, Calumny, orders not obeyed
So say the classics of Astrology !
If benefics tenant Ten
Fame and rise in status
Auspicious events in family
So say the classics of Astrology !
If malefics tenant the wealthy Eleventh
Elder brothers and sisters may be affected !
Contrarily, if benefics tenant Eleven
Wealth and fulfillment of all desires !
If malefics tenant the adverse Twelfth
Bad expenses, bad health and sorrow
Pape Vyaye Durvyaya
Dausthya Dukham
If on the other hand, benefics
Tenant the vicious Twelfth
Exhaustion of Karma negative
And only expenses necessary !
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