Vedic Astrology Lesson 120      



Of  Enemies in Battle

If the lunar dispositor

Is combust, weak
Predict defeat in battle
Such is Astrology's decree !
If malefics with malefic aspect
Become angular
And tenant Mars' Signs and Amsas
There will be war !
If these malefics be
The enemies of the Ascendant lord
War is inevitable
So say Astrology's classics !
If Rahu, Gulika and Kala
Tenant  Lagna
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Or aspect Lagna
Lots of deaths in battle.
If Sun and Mars
Tenant the Ascendant
Or aspect the Ascendant
Deaths devastate battle !
If  Kala, Gulika, Rahu
Mars and the Sun
Tenant Lagna, Fourth
The Enemy will retreat !
If  Jove, Venus, Mercury
Tenant the Fourth
Enemy will descend immediately
So say Astrology's classics !
If malefics tenant houses
Twelve, Three, Two Five and Six
Enemy will come at once
So say Astrology's classics !
If on the contrary
Malefics tenant Fourth
Enemy will not come at once
So say Astrology's classics !
If Cardinal Signs, Chara, rise
Or if cardinal, chara, Amsas rise
And if Moon be in Sthira Rasis
Enemy will descend immediately.
If Fixed Signs, Sthira rise
Or if fixed Amsas rise
And Moon be Rasis Chara
Enemy will not come at all.
If Moon be in Signs mutable, Ubhaya
And if Sthira, fixed signs rise
Enemy will come from afar
If Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and Aquarius
Become the Fourth House
The Enemy will retreat !
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