Vedic Astrology Lesson 119    


                                                                             About Mind Reading in Horary                                                                                                                              

If you want to do Mind Reading
When  the querent comes  to you
If Sun tenants the House Tenth
Wealth, status, disease, fear
Are there in the mind of querent. 

If Moon tenants Tenth House
He is thinking about gain of wealth
If  Jove tenants Upper Meridien
About wealth, Knowledge and status !
If Mars tenants the Tenth
Increase of enemies, wealth destruction
Saturn tenanting the Tenth
New Page 5
Indicates disease, transfer of residence !
If Venus tenants the Tenth
Gain of wealth and dress
Also wife or girlfriend
Know this is querent's mind !
If Sun is in the Seventh
Death and loss of wealth
Also travel overseas
This will be in querent's mind.
If Mars is in the Seventh
Querent worried about wife
Or girlfriend or loss of pelf
If Venus, about women immoral !
If Saturn is in the Seventh
From Horary Ascendant
Women old or immoral
Or women with disease !
If Sun tenants Fourth
Fear of Government indicated
If Venus tenants Fourth
Thoughts about wife !
If Jove tenants House Fourth
Thoughts about Wealth !
If Mars tenants Fourth
Quarrels with near ones !
If Saturn tenants Fourth
Bad new for subordinates
Disease or death ineluctable
Are in the mind of querent !
Moon in House Seventh
Gains via women indicated
Mercury posited therein
Can cause wedding bells !
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