Vedic Astrology Lesson 117     


Of Labha Prasna 


In Horary Astrology also
Eleventh House rules gains

Elder brother and fulfillment
Of all desires !
If the Eleventh lord is strong
And if the Ascendant lord
Gets  points in Sapta Varga
Gains indicated for querent !
If malefics  are in Upachayas
Three, Six from Ascendant
And also Ten and Eleven
Gains of a high order indicated
If benefics are in good houses
Angles, trines, Second, Eleventh
And if the Second lord be in Eleventh
Gains good indicated !
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If benefics tenant One, Two and Three
Gains of a high order can be predicted
Or in Four, Five and Seven
Gain of largesse indicated !
If malefics tenant all places
Sans angles and Eighth
And benefics tenant trines and angles
Querent will get all wealth !
If benefics tenant Three, Five, Seven
Or Eleven, profit indicated !
If malefics tenant these important places
Predict otherwise !
If the Queen of the Solar Logos
The Moon tenant 2,7, 9, 11, 6 and 3
With Jupiterian aspect
Gains via women indicated !
If Three, Nine, Five and Eight
From Ascendant is tenanted
By malefics, loss of wealth
And loss of effort indicated !
The Eleventh House rules Gains
The fulfillment of all desires
If tenanted by benefics
Indicates gains to the Querent
If Three, Nine, Five and Eight
From Ascendant is tenanted
By benefics, gain  of wealth
And name and fame everlasting
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