Vedic Astrology Lesson 116   


  Of problems in Horary


If Mars be in the Ascendant

Aspects Venus, predict quarrels
With wife; similar if  Saturn
Aspects Venus, destruction of womb !
If Sun angular be
Aspected by Saturn
Fear of thieves, problems from women
Or quarrels with women indicated !
If serpentine or fiery  decanate rises
Or an armed decanate
And Mars is in the Tenth
Problems from fire for Querent
If a planet powerful
Be in favorable Ninth
Sans aspects malefic
Querent will succeed !
If Prushodaya or Adhomukha
Rasees rise at horary time
Predict negativity
As querent may not succeed !
If benefics planets be
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In Ten or favorable Seventh
There will be gain of position
Such is Astrology's decree !
If benefics are in Ascendant
Or in Ninth or Second
There will be gain of status
Also gain of pelf !
If malefics are in houses Trika
Six, Eight or Twelve
They cannot do anything
Good to the querent !
The Moon in the Ascendant
Is considered inauspicious
The dominance of Moon on Meridien
In Tenth, is considered good !
But Full Moon in Ascendant
Is considered auspicious
Full Moon is strong indeed
And can destroy afflictions !
If Moon be in Three, Six, Two, Seven
And Eleven, in even Signs
Aspected by Jupiter
'Success in Horary guaranteed !
If malefics tenant Two, Nine
Ascendant, Eight and Five
There will be loss of money
And no success in enterprise !
If, on the contrary, benefics
Tenant 2,9,1,8 and 5
Success in Horary
And gain of wealth indicated !
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