Vedic Astrology Lesson 115      


Of the Effects of Ayanas and Rithus

He who is born in Utharayana

The Northern Solstice
( Six months from Capricorn )
Will be a Yogi and a Rishi.
He who is born in Dakshinayana
The Southern Solstice
( Six months after Cancer )
Will be fickle minded and proud.
He who is born in Vasanta Rithu
During months of Aries and Taurus
Will be well off, longlived
And interested in perfumes.
He who is born in Greeshma  Rithu
Will be clever and well off
Will have a noble intellect
And will be hedonistic !
He who is born in Varsha Rithu
Will have a noble intellect
Will be soft spoken
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And interested in luminaries
He who is born in Sharath Rithu
Will have merit divine
And handsome too
Farmer, clever, intelligent !
He who is born in Hemantha Rithu
Will be hedonistic, farmer
Clever, intelligent, famous
Such is Astrology's decree !
He who is born in Sisira Rithu
Will be fond of sports, attentive
Donator, clever, proud
Such is Astrology's decree !
If a planet occupies same Sign
In both Rasi and Navamsa
Such a state is Vargottama called
Native becomes famous, wise
Shubham Vargottame Janma !
If a planet is retrograde
Such a planet is Vakra called
Retrogression is backward motion
And gives effects of exaltation !
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