Vedic Astrology Lesson 114      


                                                                                                        Of Longevity


Gulika in the adverse 8th

Will destroy all virtues
And may bring in Death
Akhila Mrityu Samhara Karako Mandi !
If that Gulika is with Saturn
God forbid !
Negativity is increased thousandfold
Such is Astrology's decree !
If the lord of Lunar Ascendant
And Ascendant be strong
Angular, or in favorable Eleventh
High longevity indicated !
The Sun in the favorable Eleventh
Or Moon in the Eleventh great
Destroys afflictions galore
Such is Astrology's decree !
If  lords of Ascendant and Lunar Ascendant be
Sans aspects benefic, with royal Sun
And with malefics be in angles
Native has low longevity !
When Mars and the Sun are in Lagna Chara 
And Jupiter tenants the formidable Tenth
And with a trinal Moon
Native has low longevity !
If weak Moon be in debilitated Amsas
Iin the adverse Eighth
Aspected by Saturn or Mars
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High longevity indicated.
Jupiter in the Twelfth
Sun in Ascendant with Rahu
Or Moon, low longevity
Is indicated in the horoscope.
If malefics tenant the Twelfth
Or the Second, or Jupiter be
With Rahu in Eight  or  Seven
Low longevity indicated !
If weak Moon tenant Cancer
Eighth lord angular
Malefics in Eight, weak Lagna
Low longevity indicated !

If the Ascendant lord is in Ascendant
With malefics, eighth lord in angle
Sun and Moon be in Fifth
Low longevity can be predicted !
If Mars and Moon be in Ascendant
And if benefics do not tenant angles or Eighth
And if Gulika is rising
Low longevity indicated !
If the Eighth lord be angular,in fixed Sign
And if the Eighth house is devoid
Of aspects benefic
Low longevity can be predicted !
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