Vedic Astrology Lesson 108       


                                                                    Of the Effects of the Moon in different Signs


If the Queen of the Solar Logos be

In the first sign, Aries
Native's wealth is cyclical
And will be admired by women ! 

The Moon is in a state of exaltation
When he is in Taurus
His significations will increase
Prosperity, Medicine, Mind. 

He who is born when Moon tenants Taurus
Becomes handsome, a renunciant
Will be phlegmatic ,with fortitude.

Patient, affable and fortunate!

He who is born when Moon tenants Gemini
Will be fond of women
Knower of Saastras
Intelligent and with hair black.

Hilarious, skilled in Chess,

With handsome mien
With captivating eloquence
And fond of food.

Lover of arts and dance

Skilled in Rhetoric,

A silver tongued orator,


And subservient to women !
He who is born when Moon tenants Cancer
Will be subservient to women
Knowledgeable in Astrology
Owning houses galore


His wealth cyclical
Subject to vicissitudes
Short with conquering eloquence
And interested in watery sports
He who is born when Moon tenants Leo
Will be cruel, with face broad
With attractive eyes, black
And a misogynist too


A forest traveller
With digestive tract disorders
Donator, with problems dental
Adventurous, with fixed intelligence]


Devoted to mother and proud !
The Virgo Moon born becomes
Hedonistic, with scientific knowledge
With high IQ, morality and Ethics
With daughters more than sons !
He who is born when Moon tenants Libra
Will be devoted to preceptors
Will be hygienic and conqueror
Of women, with high IQ
Well off, good in speculation
Subject to ailments physical
Redeemer of own tribe
And will be abandoned by relatives !
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He who is born when Moon tenants Scorpio
Will be afflicted in childhood
Will be admired by the multitude
With no abhorrence for cruel acts
And will be veiler of sinful acts !
He who is born when Moon tenants  Sagittarius
Will have paternal legacy
Will be a renunciant
Poet laureate, strong
Endowed with the gift of the gab
The divine gift of articulate speech
Enthusiastic, knowing Sculpture
With high IQ, righteous
Vilifier of relatives
And conqueror by eloquence !
He who is born when Moon tenants  Capricorn
Will be fond of family
Will act as righteous
Intelligent, lazy, hedonistic
Allergic to cold, traveller
Strong, creator of poems
Miserly, fond of women old
And merciless and shameless !
He who is born when Moon tenants  Aquarius
Will be fond of women and wealth
Fond of sin, with elation and dejection
Fond of relatives and perfumes
And suffering the throes of travel !
He who is born when Moon tenants  Pisces
Will be fond of children and wife
With handsome mien
Conqueror of enemies in battle
Subservient to women
With eyes lustrous
With scholarship and beauty
And fairly well off.
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