Vedic Astrology Lesson 100    

                                                                                              Of Fifth House



The Fifth House represents children
And Jupiter is its significator
If both are powerful
Native has the fortune of  progeny !

If the planet of progeny, Jove
Aspects the House Fifth

Or be with the lord of Fifth 
Good children indicated !
If the Lord of Ascendant be
In Fifth or the Fifth lord be angular
Aspected by Jupiter
Native will have good sons !
If the Fifth lord and Jupiter be
Aspected by benefics
In Rasi or Navamsa Chart
Good sons grace native !
If the Second lord be in Fifth
Aspected by Jupiter
If the lords of One and Five be
In Sama Saptama, 1,7
Or they be angular, with benefic aspect
Of ithe lord of Fifth lord's Navamsa
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Be with benefics natural
Or if the lords of One and Nine
Be in the Seventh House
And Second lord be in First
Putra Bhagya indicated !

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Sun in the Fifth can cause loss of sons
Moon in Five can cause only one son
Mars in the Fifth makes native sonless
Such is Astrology's decree !
Aputram Kuruthe Bhanu
Putramekam Nisha Kara
Sashokam Putra Heenascha
Panchamo Dharanee Sutha
If malefics natural be
In the House of Progeny
Destruction to progeny
Is indicated !
Panchamastha papa samstha
Putra nasam karothi Balaheena
If Jove and the Fifth lord be
Hemmed in between malefics
Or associated with malefics
Loss of progeny indicated !
If the lord of Fifth
Be in debilitated Amsa
Or be in Houses Trika, 6,8,12
Loss of Progeny indicated !
If the lord of Ascendant be weak
With malefics natural
Or be debilitated
Native will have less IQ !
If the lord of Fifth be
Aspected by malefics
Or hemmed in between malefics
Native will have heart attack !
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