Using Perception And Third Eye Part 2 —Accessing Information
By: Katheryn Hoban


You could use the third eye are to get specific understanding for an in depth project. If there is a hitch or roadblock you just keep asking for clarification, guidance, or to be shown in a different manner. There are so many ways to accomplish the same thing. A picture that is planted in your mind is a great way to follow along. But besides pictures, you may feel impressions, and hear something audible in your head, or be cleverly turned from one thought to another so that you can more effectively grasp the concept. It is just a matter of being open, and allowing this fluidity to occur.

If you are researching a subject of importance and depth, you could open the third eye area and ask for guidance in the following manner. “Who knows this subject? Who can answer my questions very quickly? “Who do I need to talk to?” “Where can I find him or her at this time or very rapidly? If you are using the internet –“What search word or phrase will bring me my answer right now?” Then when you receive the impressions just act on it immediately and trust the information. When you trust, it will come in more quickly.

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When you are working in a healing capacity such as doing Reiki on a person, you can tune in and receive exact information about the person with whom you are working. You can receive information about their emotional and physical state, spiritual journey, how they behave, and long buried emotional roots. But when you are working in the healing capacity, there are many elements at work. Your hands are conduits, as is your heart, and your third eye, many practitioners feel impressions from the body’s chakras, and aura fields.

There are healing guides, angels and the person’s totem or spirit guides at work with you as well. You have to learn to work with as many elements as you feel comfortable, and you must learn to distinguish many elements at the same time. You will become very comfortable with a lot of different elements as you begin working in earnest. You can master the third eye as well as working in deep spiritual connection. You need to remember balance. Not everything is learned at once. Not everything is processed at once. But if your intention is focused and you want clarity it will all become clear. Practice, take your time, trust yourself, and let the light shine out. copyright 2006 Yoga Kat

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