TRANSFORMATION: It’s ALL Spiritual Transformation


By Janet Marie Freeman



Transformation is the buzz word of the day. I know; I use it regularly, it is a word that calls me. I have spent thousands of dollars, hours and work on my own transformation. I have read the books, done the affirmations, gone to the seminars and it’s all been wonderful, and again, I remember, it’s ALL a spiritual transformation. In other words, as I surrender what I was, the identities, the roles, the beliefs, I become what I AM. In all our practices, may we come closer to the truth of which we are ultimately… a spiritual being revealing the beauty, love and presence of the One Life which lives as us.

I want lots of things. I really do. I want more money, more success, more, more, and more. And that’s great, because it causes me to transform the beliefs that keep me the same and helps me to be receptive to the new, therefore attracting the more. But in this wanting, it is easy to get trapped into thinking I don’t have, it’s not within me, and I have to do something outside myself to make it happen. Aha! Again, I am realizing that it is not a doing (although doing does come into play), but it is an inner experience of the realization that takes place by taking time to put my awareness on my inner presence, the life of the infinite peace, beauty and abundance within me, my eternal Self.

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From the New Testament scriptures we read, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else is added,” and I say, “Yep, that’s it!” Seek ye first the kingdom of peace, beauty and joy that is within me, which I experience every time I let go of my attachments and demands and accept what is right now in front of me. Every time I do this, I experience a piece of heaven, a bit of peace and sure enough, the universe begins to pour forth a blessing unto me. Good grief, I love this stuff. Right here in the middle of the dualistic world, which calls us to enjoy it, I can experience the oneness of perfection, the bliss of unity, and all else is added unto me. I guess the lesson is “Seek the kingdom first.” It really does save a lot of time.



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