Your Signature Makes or Breaks Your Online Small Business
Copyright © 2005, Beth Engel

What’s in a name you wonder? The real question is-what’s in 
your signature? Your email address and signature can make or 
break your business efforts. Your customers and clients want 
professionalism and credibility with those they choose to do 

Small Businesses Need a Professional Email Address. 

Your email address in some ways tells your customer or client 
about your neighborhood. To assure professionalism, your email 
address needs to be credible. Your email address screams “cheap” 
or unprofessional when it is listed as: yourname @, 
or some other popular but widely used domain (unless of course 
you actually work for those businesses).

Think about it. You’re online buying a wedding gift for a friend. You find a product you like at two sites, but have a question about shipping. One email address appears to go to the service department of the named site. The other to an AOL email address. Which site is more credible and more likely to get your business? Most people will choose the first example as it appears to be professional and credible.

Your Email Signature Should Always Include More Than Your Name. Your email signature should include a tagline, a promotion or a two line message about your business, along with a link or listing of your business website. Small home businesses usually have limited resources for advertising. Never miss an opportunity to promote your business. Take advantage of this opportunity to announce a special, a new product, or a seminar your business is hosting. Every communication from you should promote your business in this discreet, inexpensive and professional manner. Make the Move to a Better Neighborhood If you have a website, you web host most likely has email available with your hosting package or has it available an option. Contact them to get your email set up. If you do not have a website, you can subscribe to a service such as Yahoo Business Email to get an email address which is professional and customized. For a few dollars a month, you have a way to market your business and build your credibility. Attention to detail makes the difference in any business. Show your customers and clients that you are a professional, and assure them they can have confidence when they do business with you. Be sure to use a professional email address and email signature in your business.

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