Sexuality : Understanding the Life Force

The heartfelt yearning to be close to someone is perhaps the deepest and most powerful urge experienced by anyone in the world. We long to unite with our loved ones, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The urge is so strong it is surrounded by taboos and strictures imposed by society, but the powerful life force cannot be so easily subdued.

Astrologically speaking, everyone (and everything) on this planet reflects an expression of a polarised energy  field, or Life Force. The force is present everywhere, but is visible to us through its material expression in terms of polarity, the balance between two extremes. The urge of the life force generates our sexuality.

Polarity, the balance between two extremes
As the force expresses itself in the world, we observe its passage through varying degrees of polarity:
  • feminine/masculine
  • north/south
  • cold/hot
  • moist/dry
  • negative/positive
  • yin/yang
  • dark/light
  • and so on.
Each astrological sign  reveals degrees of polarity. For instance, Aries is hot and dry, positive, masculine and diurnal (light). It's pretty full-on! Pisces, on the other hand, is cool and moist, feminine and nocturnal (dark). It's much more laid back.

Of course, not all Ariens are frenetic over-achievers, nor are all Pisceans dreamy idealists. Each human being is a balancing act, involving many often contrary astrological  phenomena. This balancing of polarities generates the marvellous breadth and depth of human character, creating a world of unique individuals, each living and breathing at the centre of a vibrant web of interaction.
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Human beings, men, women and children, all display polarity according to sex, sign and factors such as ruling planet, planetary aspect and house position. The keys to sexuality in the horoscope, however, are Venus and Mars, or desire and action. Here is polarity in action: Venus is the emblem of the feminine side, while Mars is the opposite, polar emblem of masculinity. The interpretation of the horoscope is fundamental to a true understanding of our sexual polarities.

Venus and Mars
Put simply, in a man's horoscope,Venus  represents the sorts of women to whom he is attracted, whilst Mars indicates the kinds of actions he will take in order to achieve his desires. In a woman's horoscope, the placement of Mars represents the types of men she is interested in, whilst Venus represents the ways in which she will present herself, in order to attract them. At least, this is the traditional view. In charts of relationships, the aspects and mutual aspects to Venus and Mars are significant in establishing the sexual components of the relationship itself.

The life force flows along subtle channels, or pathways between people. When you plug in to that special person, the experience can be electifying! But relationships work on many levels other than the physical/emotional conduits of the force. To explore the potential of your relationships, you can order a Relationship Analysis, or a Soul Connection chart from us, to see what the stars hold in store.

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