Reincarnation is a Promise of Unconditional Love 

By Roy E Lkienwachter  

Reincarnation is the grandest aspect of unconditional love, and the least understood as part of our natural life cycle.

Because many people do not understand what unconditional love really is, it is no wonder that they do not understand or recognize the value of reincarnation. Conditional love would say that you have one turn on the holodeck. Unconditional love would say that you have as many turns as your feel necessary to experience all that you desire.

When we love our children unconditionally, we do not try to change them, but to guide them. We give them as many turns as necessary unconditionally to make it on their own. A good parent recognizes the strengths of their children, and allows freedom for them to explore there own potential, while still maintaining their love for them. Mistakes, errors, screw-ups are all part of the learning process and a parent doesn't withdraw their love or threaten because the child wonders off the path or makes a mistake.

Unconditional love is unconditional freedom-freedom to make as many mistakes as is necessary to accomplish a desired goal. Reincarnation is the ultimate freedom that our creator has given us-to come back as many times as is necessary to accomplish a desired experience. No love could be greater than that. It is a birthright that is known by the soul before it incarnates into the physical world.

In the awareness of the possibility of reincarnation, one is given unlimited freedom and limitless opportunity to fully explore the physical world, and what it has to offer. In the awareness of this freedom, comes confidence that one will achieve his desires on a grander scale.

In the awareness of my own physical experience, I know that I will probably wake up tomorrow and carry on with my life and what I had planned for today, next week, and next year. There is continuity in what I desire from one day to another because my focus is on a limited physical life that may last up to 100 years or longer. However we are often taught or believe that we must focus on the first 65 years. Often little thought is given to the next 35 or so years, because we don't consider them productive, or at the very least we believe them to be our declining years, and a prelude to death or non-life.

We often miss the importance of these years as a prelude to another life-a preparation for a transformation to a higher level of existence in a more evolved world-the one we already live in. What we are doing here is experiencing physical life and all that it has to offer, but we are also preparing the world and our children to create the next world that we will experience upon our return.

Recently I finished reading the book "The Indigo Children." I was first alarmed by the realization of their existence and what they were bringing into this world now. Their characteristics are rebellious to current conditions and a world that is about to transform. Old ideas die hard, and transformation brings chaos and death to ideologies that have brought us this far.

For a brief moment I was feeling uncomfortable about these children-the worlds new stewards. Then I realized that they would not be stewards of my old world, but of a new world I have helped create, and that I will be returning to later. I will become one of these children upon my return. I will be one of their indigo children in one or more generations of physical life. I must trust them to take care of this world in my absence.

In awareness and focus of a physical existence that spans more than one lifetime, I can see the significance of reincarnation. I can also see how important it is not to give up on what I am creating or experiencing now. I can see how vital it is to have long term goals, aspirations, and concerns for the world and its future circumstances.

Many of us do not consider these important aspects of physical life and their significance to our own future.
I have said myself in short sightedness-that I am glad I am leaving this world behind-that I will not have to deal with a future I do not understand. I have also felt like many that I do not understand the new generation and their indifference to what I know of this world, and have experienced.

For many, there is some comfort in a belief that they will die and go somewhere else-that they will not return, and they will not have to deal with what they have left behind. However this would be like starting a new book and finishing it after the first chapter. It is very short sighted and an unenlightened philosophy.
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Reincarnation is a very real option for most of us-it is also a choice, a choice of freedom that comes from unconditional love. Most of us will return, and carry-on with our lives in a new body, that is equipped for the new world we have been building generation after generation. This is long term thinking that is consistent with the natural tendency for life to always move towards a higher level of experience.

I welcome these new children (our future leaders). I look forward to understanding them and to giving them guidance and opportunity. I am excited at the prospect of being one of their children, and being guided by them into a future world that will be different than the one I have known and left behind.

I believe one of the greatest hindrances to our own evolution has been this misconception-that we will not have to deal with the circumstances of the present world, after we have passed on-that it is all over. This short-term thinking has left our children a world that they must abandon or clean up. Many of us have disowned this world, thinking that we have not been part of its evolution-nothing could be farther from the truth. Everyone that has been born into this world, has contributed to its circumstances and evolution. You are responsible whether you accept it or not. You have participated in its technology, its pollution, and its degradation. You have contributed to the necessity for a new human to evolve to take over for you. You have created your new parents and a new world. You have left your example, your history and your insight for others-and a promise of a reincarnated you, to follow. Death is not an escape-it is another opportunity to repeat your mistakes or move away from them.

When seen from this perspective, life brings on a whole new expanded meaning. It brings greater opportunities for more abundance, happiness, and a brighter future. It leaves behind fear as we begin to make friends with it-in the realization that it is within our own personal power to create the world of our dreams. We will not be punished for our mistakes; we will experience the results of them, and will have the freedom to move away from them-at will.

This life is not final, and you will have as many turns as you wish. Your present incarnation is not the first stage, nor is it the last and there will be as many as you desire. You are not doomed, nor are you a victim-you are a creator. It is within your own personal power to create the world which suites you. It is within your own thoughts to experience the present world as Heaven, Hell, Nirvana, Stovokor (if you're Klingon) or anything else that your imagination is capable of.

You will return to this world and experience it as anything that you can imagine. Where-ever you think you are going, that is what you will experience. But, it will not be another place-it will be the place that you have created-here! It is the experience of the physical world that changes, not the physical world itself. Matter is formed and reformed in a manner that reflects your thoughts, your imagination.

Reincarnation comes from the greatest love of all-unconditional love. Unconditional love is unconditional freedom to experience all that you desire-unconditionally!

Just as I have created these pages, I know I will have a chance to change them-make any corrections that I feel necessary. I will do this in a near future (over breakfast), that I will create. Because I know that I will have this opportunity-I will not panic, I will not be desperate, and I will not react from fear.

It doesn't matter whether you believe in reincarnation or not. What you believe now, is what you will experience when you die. However, because you have freedom to choose, why would you not choose to experience something that works within your own best light? Why would you choose something that does not raise you to the next level of awareness-something that is better than what you are experiencing now?

Reincarnation is just such a choice. It is our birthright, our inheritance, our guarantee of continuance. Life cannot be created nor destroyed. Life is all there is, and it continuous.

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