Quotes from our clients


"Before writing anything I would like to appreciate you as you are a great personality in terms of Astrology." sivachary@achayans.com

"There is more insight in your Astrology Report than the ones we have in the US " - Mrs Irene Mosvold, Louisville,US
"Your report is very accurate and I commend you on your accuracy ' _ Dr Chava Golden,CEO,
"Work seems to be good. So keep it up - Geetha
"Your reports are very accurate. Good Luck " - Satishchandran
"Your Astrology Report is grand. I complement you on adding new features like Remedial measures and Gem Therapy" -
"Indeed a very good site"- Deepti Chabbra

"I have looked at your website and it looks like a very nice service you are providing. Best wishes for your continued success! - Chris Kapilla
"I really want to appreciate your software background effect & the presentation of the details. very very catchy. congratulations.."- Manjuladevi
"My friends and I had gone through your web page and itwas marvellous it is so good and one of the best astrological pages I have ever seen. congrats- Raghuhari

"In your Gem Prescription Report, you have given a very detailed description of the weak planets in terms of percentage which I did not receive from others. It gives me an understanding on how the planets work for me (weak/strong)" -
" Very good site " -
" I respect your profound knowledge in the infinite ocean that is Astrology " - Mr Balagopal , Bahrain