The Indian wonder herb, Mucuna Pruriens



The Ayurvedic treatise, the Susrutha Samhita, prescribes Mucuna Pruriens ( Naikurana Parippu ) for Kampa Vata, a disease characterised by tremors, balance problems and rigidity.
Long before Jesus was born, the therapy for Kampa Vata flourished in India. Taking in Mucuna twice ( 500 mg  dose ) was found to decrease Kampa Vata symptoms.
Later Dr Parkinson discovered it and called it Parkinson's  disease. 




Yoga exercises were also prescribed for patients. Vajrasana gives strength to legs, Dhanurasana makes the body flexible.


Yoga Therapy 


Pranayama, Breath Control  

Short breathing means lack of oxygen. Oxygenate your brain with deep breathing !

This disease affects people > 60. Lack of exercise, excess intake of sugar, stress prolonged, insufficient rest, overwork, environmental factors were considered to be the cause of this cruel disease, which Allopathy says is incurable. Also Oxidative Stress. 


Mucuna pruriens is a natural source of L DOPA, Dexoy Phenylalanine, which doctors are prescribing for Kampa Vata.  Powdered Mucuna in hot water or milk can be taken internally, twice a day. Mucuna can be used as a supplement and miracle cures ( if accompanied by Grace ) can be effectuated by Mucuna. 


Myristica Fragrans is an aphrodisiac and used in PD treatment.


Liqorice is used in PD treatment.


This is Withania Herbal Ghee, used in PD treatment.


The DHA in fish is curative, as some 
Docs say DHA deficiency is the cause.


Cassava + Fish


TheVitamin K in Cassava stimulates neuronal activity in the brain and Fish is rich in Omega 3.


Mantra Therapy  

Along with Ayurveda Therapy, Mantra Therapy should be resorted to. The health mantra, Dhanvantari Mantra, should be recited daily.  

Dhvam Dhanvantaraye Sarvamaya Vinasanaya Maha Vishnave Swaha , O Doctor of Doctors, heal me !

What is the Rationale of Mantra Therapy ?

According to Ayurvedic & Yogic Wisdom, Man's greatest enemy is Mind and Mantra is that which saves you from your enemy, Mind, Mananath Thrayathe iti Mantra !

For instance, one should not worry, be stressed or depressed, as Depression can cause neurological disorder ! Mind is indeed omnipotent !

Also the Healing Mantra 

Sree Vaidyanathaya Nama Shivaya , I bow down to the Master Healer !


Detoxification is a must. It is good to go to a Naturopathy Clinic and get detox. Also taking in fruit and vegetable juices ! Music Therapy can also work wonders !

Susruta in his Susruta Samhita stated that slowness ( Cestasangha ), akinesia ( cestahani ), rigidity are the characteristics of Kampa Vata and they are caused by toxins.
Mucuna is known as Atmagupta in Sanskrit and as Naikarana Parippu in Malayalam. This wonder Indian drug is Mother Nature's remedy for Parkinson's disease or Kampa Vata. 

According to Ayurveda, the cause of Kampa Vata is Dhatu Kshaya Janya Vata Kopa, anger of Vata necessitated by the depletion of the Seven Tissue Elements, the Sapta Dhatus !


Aswagandha, the Indian Ginseng


Aswagandha is another herb of Nature which can manage and cure Kampa Vata. It heals brain cell damage & clears protein plaques. This Indian Ginseng can effectuate cures for AD & PD. ( Alzheimer's and Parkinson's ), as it is neuro protective. 


Ginger is another antidote to PD.   Zingerone, a compound contained in Ginger root, protects the dopaminergic neurons. Fish soup is also effective. Black Ginger Coffee ( Black because Milk is contraindicated in PD ) is good. D Lactate and glycolate present in Curd or Yoghurt also protects neurons !

Broad beans leaves are an effective cure 


Transcendental Meditation can reduce Parkinson's symptoms


Fivefold  Elemental Therapy, Pancha Bhootopasana

Sunlight Therapy, Tejopasana, can change moods from pessimistic to optimistic. The levels of serotonin and endorphin increase when the body receives Sunlight. The brain produces serotonin proportional to the Sunlight received by the body. 

The ideal time to receive Sunlight is < 900 AM ( Ela vailukondal elathakum ) and > 0400 PM ( Pokku vailukondal Ponnakum ).  



This Therapy of Naturopathy can be resorted to.

More info about Pancha Bhootopasana at


Sacred Music Therapy

Music has psychotherapeutic properties ! The West has already accepted Music Therapy. NMT or Neurologic Music Therapy has been hailed as a therapy for PD. 

Why not try Sacred Music Therapy, which is divine in character ? Systematic study of Prakriti is Science and that of Purusha is Philosophy. Prakriti or Nature has two aspects, Divine and Mundane. The Five Great Elements + Mind + Intellect + Ego is Apara Prakriti, Lower Nature and Para Prakriti is Divine Nature. In Spinoza, Natura Naturans and Natura Naturata, Creative Nature and Created Nature. So why not appeal to Para Prakriti, Creative Nature, the Mother Divine, to heal us, Roga Nivarani, Soka Nivarani, Tapa Nivarani  Jaya Durga ?

What is Kampa Vata Diet ?

Dr Diet Control, Pathya 

IF one does not maintain Pathya
What is the use of medicines ?
Conversely, if one keeps Pathya
No need for medicines for him, I trow !

Foods to avoid are processed foods, fast food, beverages, sugar et al and foods which are positive are tyrosene rich ( a building block of Dopamine ) foods. A list of foods, contraindicated and proinindicated are given at 




As Ajamamsa Rasayana is an antidote to Kampa Vata, it is logical to assume that Lamb Bone Broth can alleviate KV. 

Fishes are rich 3 Omega 3, in DHA, EPA & ALA.




Astro Therapy  

An afflicted planet can give disease. Saturn causeth PD & AD, Jupiter Diabetes, Moon Blood Cancer, Sun Bone diseases, Mercury Skin Disorders, Venus Venereal diseases and Mars Osteoporosis.

Start treatment when Jupiter or Venus are rising, Gurodaye Visheshena. Saturn rules Vata. 


 Coconut Oil as Cure for AD & P D


Legend of the Healer of Vata Roga , Guruvayurappan 


It is said that the Lord of Guruvayur, cured the great poet, Melpathur's Vata, after the poet had finished his  magnum opus, the Narayaneeyam !

The Lord assumed the role of Lord Dhanvantari. Melpathur was afflicted by Vata Roga. As all medications had failed, he turned to the Lord. The Father of the Malayalam language, Thunchath, told him to " Meen thottu koottan " meaning Count From Fish. Melpathur started writing Overmind Poetry, extolling the glories of the Lord ! He condensed the 18 K verses of Maha Bhagavata into 1 K verses of Narayaneeyam. Almost all verses end in " Pahimam sarva rogal ", save me from all afflictions ! He wrote when his legs were paralysed ! It is said the spirituality develops under conditions of peculiar adversity ! Aurobindo got his vision in jail. Tilak wrote the Gita Rahasya in jail. Jesus was crying on the cross, Eli eli lama sabachthani ! Vivekananda said he never knew when his next meal was coming from !

Not only did the Lord give him Vision and thereby Self Actualisaton, but also healed his Vata Roga !

How strange is Thy Grace, vichitra roopasthavaghal Anugraha !


( Miracles maybe rare. " I believe, because it is impossible, certum est quia impossible est ( Tertulian ). " Do you find it difficult to believe in miracles. I, on the contrary find it easy. The planets and the constellations, the Universe itself - they are all utterly incredible, miracles piled upon miracles ! " ( Prof. Ronald Dixon). )

Note -  These medicines can be taken along with allopathic medicines, averr Ayur Doctors.

We know at least three  Ayurveda Centers, where PD patients have recovered  remarkably.   One is in Guruvayur, one in Kochi  and the other in Malappuram. If you want to contact, pls email


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