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Know your Wealth Ascendant ( Dhana Lagna ) & your Wealth Potential !

The Actualisation of Potential


If you want to actualise your hidden potential, you should know your strengths and weakenesses ! By means of the Great Art, you can know about yourself.  Planets have dual role and are more or less like human beings. Did not the planets which took Napolean to dizzy fame bring him down ? He was an emperor during Rahu Dasa, that is when the period of the North Node was operating. When Jupiter Dasa took over, he was whipped at Elba ! 

The Evolutionary state of the Soul can be discerned using  Evolutionay Astrology  Astrology is the Lamp in Darkness, Thamaseeya Deepaha and people from all professions consult astrologers. Was not Caesar warned about the Ides of March ?  If you can know  your favorable and unfavorable times, you can act accordingly !


If you can know the current planetary periods and subperiods , you can overceom the barriers to success. Astrology is the Guru of all humanity and one billion believe in Astrology.  KSAMA with its 400 K verses will enlighten you about your Karma and the backlog of Karma operating in your Life. It will advise you which path to pursue and how to move towards the Goal !


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We have two types of Service, FREE & Paid. Paid will be attended within two days while FREE will take a long time -say 6 months. For the PAID service, please click on this link ( Computer Horoscope costs Rs 990 ) 

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