Map of the Heavens at the time of birth

Astrology as Archetypal Language

The Wisdom of the Heavens, Astrology can Unlock your Hidden Potential !

Harness the Power of Astrology for Self-Empowerment ! 

Know your Wealth Ascendant ( Dhana Lagna ) & your Wealth Potential !

The Actualisation of Potential       ( Humanistic Astrology states that the Natal Chart represents our  Potentiality and that we can actualise our Potential to Self Actualisation )

Every planet has a dual aspect or a Dr Jekyll and a Mr Hyde aspect. Planets are more or less like human beings. The planets which  catapulted Napolean to dizzy fame were ultimately the ones which paved the way for his destruction. The negative aspects of planets manifest as blocks and hindrances which hinder our fortune.  Remedial measures are recommended to reduce negativity of planets.

Astrology can be used not only for materialistic purposes. Using Evolutionary Astrology, one can know one's Soul State, where the Soul is placed in the ladder of Cosmic Evolution.

Using Transpersonal Astrology, one can know about which needs will be actualised in the Need Hierarchy Scale.  Transpersonal Psychology postulates that a human being has a set of needs - basic physiological, security, social, love, esteem & Self Actualisation needs. If Venus be powerful in a horoscope, it will be clear that the basic physiological needs will be met. If Jupiter, Self Actualisation. If Saturn, esteem etc. 

Knowing Planetary Periods & Cycles, you can overcome Life's difficulties & Hindrances caused by planets malefic; many of our clients report increased happiness and contentment !

All that we require is your date of birth, time of birth, name & place of birth.

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We have two types of Service, FREE & Paid. Paid will be attended within two days while FREE will take a long time -say 6 months. For the PAID service, please click on this link ( Computer Horoscope costs Rs 400 ) 


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