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G Kumar is a graduate in Chemistry with a diploma in Cobol from the National Computing Center of the UK.

From childhood onwards, he had been a student of Astrology. He has studied both the Sidereal and the Tropical Systems of Astrology that is the Vedic and the Western Systems. He is a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation and Integral Yoga. In March 1988 he started a Vedic Astrology Centre, Zodiac Computers at Guruvayur, Kerala, India. In 1997 he developed Astrology Software for both Dos and Windows. Along with Astrology he also developed softwares for Vedic Numerology, Planetary Gemology and Astro_Match Finder ( a software for finding matches according to the birth star and the planetary positions ) . His aim is to integrate both the Western and the Indian systems. The Western system has scientific depth and the Eastern philosophic depth.


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He had studied Transcendental Meditation under HH Maharshi Mahesh Yogi. He has studied Hegel, Kant and Goethe & also the Indian philosophers Aurobindo, Vivekananda & Tagore. He is a writer of articles on Astrology and allied sciences to magazines. His main aim is to continue research in the Science and bring to light the esoteric and unpublished literature on the subject.


In July 2002, he started eastrovedica dot com  to provide comprehensive information about Vedic Wisdom and sciences. This site has attracted more than 603 K hits. 


His prediction about India winning the 2010 World Cup came true and he created, a  site which deals with the celestial influences on the game of glorious uncertainties. To promote Tourism, he started a travel and tourism site, , a site which deals with tourism in India in general and Kerala in particular.  He created a Financial Astrology site, Stock Market Astrology dot com to impart info about Stock Market Astrology, wherein he identified 1047 blue chips for investment. 


He has written more than 500 articles on different subjects. He has good following on Social Media, Facebook and Twitter. 

He started the popular , a massive Matrimonial Database, differentiating horoscopes into three main categories, Chova ( with Mars blemish ), Shuddha ( pure ) and Madhya ( with slight affliction or Dosha ). 

The mobile version of his site is Eastro dot Mobi.  

In 2013, he started a Bridal Mysticism site, Final release is said to be through Bridal Mysticism !