The A of Business is Advertising, is Advertising, Marketing & Branding ! On the Net,  E- Marketing can work wonders for your Business. 

"Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark; you know what you are doing,  others dont " - Anonymous

When I started my first website in 1999, my business doubled. When I incorporated Ecommerce in 2005, my business trebled. So an online presence is a must and the Net to me burst upon the scene like a manna sent from Heaven !

Not only E Marketing, Offline Advertising is also important. If Hotmail came up due to Viral Marketing and Amazon due to Affiliate Marketing, Yahoo came up due to offline Marketing ! Yahoo spent millions in offline promotion with the result they are one of the most popular sites on the Web, with hits of more than one million per day.

Our  sites have received more than 547 K  hits. Gain global exposure by advertising on our popular sites ! E-Marketing can elevate you from obscurity to Omnipresence !  

"If Marketing be the second language of the Western world, speaking it fluently is a matter of good listening skills. As with every language, there is a science behind the art. Master the underlying structure and you shall be rewarded." -  Jack MCcormak, in his article  "Marketing as Second Language".

Our ceo G Kumar's articles are well read all over the Net and are published in more than 100 websites. Just google Astrologer G Kumar and find out if we are speaking the Truth !

Our site has become a reference library for those seeking knowledge of the scientific and the supra-scientific. Our massive Matrimonial Database is browsed by many, scoring thousands of hits per day. Our Free Monthly Forecast is read by thousands every month on all our three sites .

" I will give 3 words for Success - Advertise, advertise, advertise ! "   - Anonymous 

It is now time that you  STARTED PROMOTING YOU !  Adverise and shout it out from the roof tops that you exist and you are in business. Look at the millions spent by Microsoft and others on Marketing, look at the crores spent by the MNCs in the World Cricket Cup and IPL. Advertising is the way to success ! 

My friend created a site and when I visited it after one year, it said you are the 8th visitor. Just imagine, for one year, only 8 visitors! There is no use creating a site or shop without promoting it. Promote, promote & promote !

Prime the Pump. Invest in Marketing. 

Banner on Secondary Web Pages      $2.5 per month 
Banner on Primary Web Pages $5 per month 
Banner on Home Page $10 per month  

Setting Up Ecom 

As you know ours is an ecom enabled site. We will setup Ecom for you. The cost is just Rs 10000 for a set up fee and Rs 100 per month. 

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