In Indian Name Numerology, every name has a number !

The numbers assigned to the letters of the alphabet are A I J Q Y  = 1 B K R = 2 C G L S =3 D M T = 4 E H N X =5 U V W = 6 O Z = 7  F P = 8. No letter has been assigned the number nine.

Suppose a man's name is ABCDEFG, his name number will be

1+2+3+4+5+8+3 = 26 = 2+6 = 8 in Numerology Readings. 

His individual Name number is 8  & Integral Name Number is 26 !

Here we give the effects for different Integral Name Numbers in Name Numerology. 

Integral Name Number = 11

Your life will be marked by crises. But then with  Grace Divine you will overcome all obstacles  You will emerge trium-
phant in whatever activity you indulge in. If you lose faith in God your happiness will take a beating.

Integral Name Number = 20

These people will inspire others and gain a lot  of great things. You will be able to administer medicine.  You are
capable of influencing everything. If you are selfish your life will be miserable. You have to incorporate the spirit of sacrifice as per Numerology Readings. 

Integral Name Number = 29

You will be involved in legal disputes. You will  have to suffer being trapped in many a crisis. Friends & relatives
will not help you in your hour of need.You won't have much mental peace at home also. Bhakthi Yoga is the only remedy for them.

Integral Name Number = 38
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You will be pure at heart & a pacifist. Even the mighty will come to you & respect you.  You will have fame & power.
But you will never have a peaceful life. You will have many problems. The decisions which you take will surprise everybody.

Integral Name Number = 47

There is a possibility that diseases of the  eyes may catch you. But you will be able to stabilise life before
your eyesight becomes feeble. Vegetarian life faith in the Lord &  equal love for all beings -these qualities will save you from many a misery, according to Numerology Readings. 

Integral Name Number = 56

You will be a master of many sciences. You will have wealth & fame. You will be crooked & interested in the Mach
iavellian tactics. You will master magic & the occult. You will  win all & capitalise on that circumstance. Ultimately all your  crookedness will fail. There is a possibility that you may lose all.

Integral Name Number = 65

These people will tread the path celestial. You will have a life full of contentment & peace. Due to many an adve-
rsity your body may be bruised. You will have the help of friends.

Integral Name Number = 74

You will be interested in religious affairs. Financial crises will not leave you. This number even though not
good for material prosperity is conducive to spiritual prosperity.

Integral Name Number = 83

You will be successful in life. You will gain the respect of all. You will have a high rank and regal comforts.

Integral Name Number = 92

You will be endowed with many innate gifts. You  will have savings & a majestic life. You will comfort all and humo-
our all and will lead a noble life.

Integral Name Number = 101

Even though this is not a great number you will  have many benefits from government. You will run many institutions. But you may not get the rewards for your hard work. Even then you will survive. Your life will be marked by many ups and downs.


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