What is the Law of Attraction and How Does It Work?

What is the law of attraction and how does the law of
attraction work? The law of attraction is the principle by
which you attract into your life that which is in
vibrational alignment with your consciousness; your
thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes.

As quantum physics now proves, reality is comprised of
wavelengths of energy that respond directly to your
thoughts. You are the creator of your experience whether
you are conscious of it or not.

If you've watched 'The Secret' movie, then you'll already
know a little about the law of attraction. The law of
attraction is the power of like attracts like, and the
means by which you materialize into your life that which
you focus upon and are in energetic alignment with. It is
how feeling and thought vibrations are manifest into form.

The most effective way to use the law of attraction is to
experience the outcome you desire mentally and emotionally
NOW, using your imagination to put yourself in the picture
of this goal fullfilled. Experience what it's like to have
already achieved your heart's desire with belief and
certainty and you will manifest it in your life.

The law of attraction is an absolute. It does not
discriminate, it simply is. This means it can work both for
and against you. To attract what you want into your life
you need to align our heart and mind to the outcome of your
desire, the juicy positive thoughts and feelings of your
dream come true which palpably resonate and act as a magnet
to your goals.

In addition to visualizing and imagining the outcome of
your goal in the present, below are some additional tips
for engaging the law of attraction fully in your favour.

Align your Thoughts and Feelings

You want to mentally and emotionally become the future you
that has already achieved your goal. This will align your
vibration to that goal and engage the law of attraction for
manifestation. For this you want your beliefs to support
and be congruent with your goals. You also want to release
and resolve any resistances around your goal, such as fears
or feelings of undeserving.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Being grateful for what you already have attracts more of
it into your life. Gratitude opens your heart and creates
space for more. Gratitude is the sweet song of appreciation
and is synonymous with abundance. When you appreciate
something you focus on it lovingly which makes it grow and

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Desire versus Need

There is a difference between desire and need or
desperation. Need and desperation are synonymous with
feelings of lack and the absence of what you want hence
will repel your desired goal and perpetuate your not having
it. Desire, however, is a positive generating emotion. It
fuels your imagination, expectation and all the positive
feelings associated with your goal so integral to
successfully attracting it. Be passionate about your
outcome yet remain light-hearted and unattached to ensure
you don't become needy or dependent on it.

Outcomes Versus Hows

Focus on the outcome you desire and not how you're going to
get there. Asking yourself 'how' breeds doubt and limits
your imagination and the vistas of your horizons. Let the
universe work out the hows for you. From its vantage point
of boundless possibilities this is a fun and easy task.

Open to Receive

You are a co-creator with the source of life, whatever name
you hold for such, that ever conspires in your favour and
will perform any amount of miracles and magic for the
attainment of your desires. Trust in the gifts and
offerings that will come your way when you begin to work
with the law of attraction. Seed your intentions with your
desire and imagination and be open and willing to receive
their fruits in your world. The more you recognise that you
are eternally connected to an all-loving infinitely
abundant source, the more you will allow in the gifts and

Know you Deserve

You deserve simply by being alive! You deserve all your
heart's desire and there is nothing the universe wants more
than for you to attain them. If you lack feelings of
deserving you will repel or sabotage your success.
Recognize your inherent innocence and worth and forgive
yourself for failings or mistakes. Release any negative
beliefs or self-concepts that suggest anything other than
your innocence.

Take Inspired Action

It is important to act on synchronicities and opportunities
that will show up when you engage the law of attraction..
These serve as stepping stones to take you to your visions,
dreams and goals and play an important part in the overall
'bigger picture' of your manifesting process. Even
seemingly unrelated incidences and encounters can end up
having great significance further down the line so be open
to new possibilities and act on what comes your way.

Be Persistent

Engaging the law of attraction involves harnessing the
power of your mind and emotions and creating a new approach
to your life and the way you think and feel for the
attainment of your desires. This may take practise. If you
don't manifest immediate results and your goal does not
materialize instantly before your eyes, don't give up. Work
at refining your tools of attraction, your thoughts,
feelings, beliefs and attitudes, your imagination, desire,
and connection to the future you desire. What first shows
up may be the stepping stones that will take you to your
goal, so have humility and faith and keep visualizing your
outcome. Where there's vision, there's a way.
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Love Love Love

The more you love and value yourself and others, the
brighter realities you will attract, the more effortless
your success will become, and the more elegantly you will
manifest your desires. Love is the highest vibration. It
heals and purifies, elevates and expands. It is your number
one ally for harnessing the law of attraction in your

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