Rainy Solar Transit of Lamda Orionis ( Makiryam Njattuvela ) strikes Kerala




Fierce rains lash Kerala. It is now raining heavily, here in Trichur. Rains started at 1130 AM and are now continuing at 0400 PM. (110610)

We had indicated in our columns that rains will accelerate after Makiryam, Thiruvathira, Punartham and Pooyam Njattuvelas . These four Njattuvelas are considered to be fierce, compared to other Njattuvelas. Markiryam Njattuvela started on the 8th of June.


Meteorology was founded by Aristotle and is considered as an atmospheric science. Astro Meterology is the science of the influence of the Solar transits of the constellations to produce climatic seasons. All seasons are caused by the earth's transits of the 360 degree Sidereal Zodiac.

The best books on Astro Meterology was by Kepler ( Mysterium Cosmographicum ) and Parasurama The Krishi Geetha ).

A combination of Meteorology and Hydrology is known as Hydro Meteorology.


Kerala receives almost 2500 mm annual or yearly rainfall from the South West Monsoon and almost 500 mm from the North East Monsoon and 300 mm from Summer Rains.


Average monthly rainfall in Kerala in mm

Jan Feb Mar  Apr  May  Jun   Jul   Aug  Sep    Oct     Nov   Dec
14 16    36  110         252 653     687  404  252    270    158 45


The Ancient Seers prayed for rains, rains which will liberate us from the blistering heat, rains which will water our plants and trees, rains which will give us the much needed water.

May the rulers be just
May the world be happy
May there be plenty of rains
May the earth become fertile
May the good be fearless
May people become angerless !

Swasthi prajabhyam paripalayantham
Nyayena Margena Maheem Maheesa
Go brahmanebhya shubhamasthu nithyam
Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu
Kale Varshe thu parjanya
Prithvee sasya salinee
Lokoyam kshobha rahitha
Sajjana santhu nirbhaya


Now at 0730 PM on 120610, it is still raining. We have had 30 hours of incessant rain. The water levels in the reservoirs were abysmally low and Kerala Electricity Board was worried two days before. There was only water to generate 8 millions units. ( Kerala’s power is 99% hydroelectric ). The discharge from the heavens was providential. Now this glorious rain must have boosted the water levels. Thank God, no power cuts !

We are still watching the climate. Just to see whether Global Warming has effected a change. We got only 1000 mm rainfall last year. This year we are bound to get more. The 825 km Malabar Coast, from Mumbai to Cape Comorin, gets maximum rainfall and will Global Warming affect this bounty adversely? Let us watch and see !

Nature Divine is homeostatic, Nature is liberal, giving us everything at the correct time. Does She not give us watery fruits like cucumber and water melons during the hot summer season? She knows what is best for us. Natural Philosophy ( Sankhya ) postulates that the main efficient cause is Nature ( pradhanam prakritim prahuh ). Goethe, Paracelsus, Companella, Kapila, Bruno etc were all natural philosophers.

Nature is the Main Cause
For the Causal Equation !
Purusha ( Self ) is He who enjoys
Dejection and Elation.

Karya Karana Karthruthve
Hetu Prakriti uchyathe
Purusha Sukha Dukhanam
Bhoktritvam Hetur uchyathe
( The Holy Geetha )

“To the philosopher, Nature and the Divine are one Being, acting by necessity and by inexorable Law ” averred Spinoza.


What Alexander Pope said about Providence

(Who finds not Providence all good and wise
Alike in what it gives and what denies ?)

should be said about Nature.

Who finds not Nature all good and wise
Alike in what it gives and what denies?

And Wordsworth confirmed Her fidelity

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved Her.”