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The Energy Doctor [report number 2]
The End of Depression

January 20, 2004 - from Stephen Kane's casebook

The Energy Doctor is based on the groundbreaking ERA—Energy Recovery Awareness — approach to health, relationships, work, creativity, happiness and spiritual development. Stephen and Lynda Kane have been using ERA methods since the early '80s to help clients, worldwide, develop their awareness of the energies—human and environmental—that underlie their quality of life and consciousness.

Everyone sometimes experiences the dark, empty cloud of depression.


Some experience it briefly, in a way that marks them lightly and thus invisibly to most others—or even to themselves.


Others are cut so deeply, the despair is paralysing and, seemingly, impossible to end. Strangely, it's often those who are so deeply marked by depression who don't recognize their own affliction. After all, it's so much easier to believe the symptoms of our disease are just the way "we are"—as if it were an arbitrary personality trait that just happens to dull your eyes to the brightness of the world in which you may find yourself so endlessly marking time.

You may be someone whose life is relatively sunny, or who periodically falls into the blues, or whose outlook is always, more or less bleak. But, aside from variations of width, depth and length, the mark of depression is the same for all: a dark lesion that starts at the center of your forehead and descends from there. The length of its descent determines the nature of your mental, emotional and/or energetic pain: dullness, boredom, apathy, despair, emptiness, hopelessness, helplessness, negativity, uselessness, inadequacy, failure, fatigue. There are many more words describing its many sensations, but they all spring from the same loss of energy from your face, down the midline of your body, day after day.

The stability of the state of "being depressed"—or bored, empty, tired and so on—reflects the penetration of its causal lesion into your body. A shallow mark, like a scratch, mars its owner's sense of well-being only slightly. A deep mark, like a lethal cut, utterly destroys the quality of one or other areas of your life—even if everything is rosy in other ways.

The nature of any form of depression is determined by the length of its causal lesion:

There are plenty of other variants on the theme of depression but all that counts, in the end, is how much—or how little—its underlying mark on the energy of your body, and thus your life, is reduced. This is what all the theories, formulae, medicines and methods of all sorts for treating depression, boil down to.

Anything that reduces this descent of energy from your face (also known as a "6th chakra fracture")—without causing significant collateral energetic damage—is a legitimate response to depression. Everything else is a waste of time.

Presumably in a utopian world, doctors or therapists would check their proposed solutions in advance, to ensure that they will, indeed, seal causal lesions in their clients' energies. In the real world, it's down to you.

In fact, the real world can work better than Utopia. If, through your suffering and eventual, courageous acknowledgement of your depression, you are motivated to recover your own energy, you will not only learn to seal the depression lesion but also find a meaning and joy in your life that transcends the usual cultural concepts of fulfilment and success.

Then again, when you're down, it's hard to believe in "up". After all, you may lack the energy to even get out of bed in the morning. But it is only a question of energy. When you experience the ability to change your own energy so you can get out of bed, can nurture your relationships, can change your problems into opportunities, can encounter or cherish the love of your life and can see the world and all it offers in a new light, you will have become who you were always capable of being—but just couldn't see it.

Depression blinds us to ourselves. We become lost in our own darkness, bound up in the contraction of our own condition. This, too, simply reflects the nature of the lesion. Your awareness—all that you perceive, including yourself—is formed by an energy field in front of your face and the front half of your head. Thus, the condition of depression turns us in upon ourselves because its causal lesion is rooted at the very center—the 6th chakra -of who we experience ourselves to be.

Although there are many forms and degrees of severity of depression, its lesion is present, to a lesser or greater extent, in all people who do not care for their energy effectively—just as marks of wear and tear are present in any neglected vehicle. People suffering from severely disabling clinical depression obviously need highly-experienced professional help, but even if you only occasionally feel down, it's still worth learning how to consciously recover your energy so you can restore your spark whenever you need to. With this ability, you can become increasingly free of all the insidious forms of depression that covertly distort and damage so much of most peoples' "normal", everyday life.

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