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Curse Astrology is discerned through Horary Astrology.


There are four Ascendants in Horary, Aroodha ( for knowing the curse of the evolved ), Lagna ( for knowing the curse of the world ), Lunar Ascendant ( ( for knowing the black magic ) and Chatra ( the curse of deities ).

Arooda Lagnendu Chatra

Ripu randrangagai shubhai

Kendra thrigonakai papaih

Prushtor adhika madhisheth


Here are the significations of the planets.


Sun Father
Moon Mother
Mars  Brother
Venus  Sister, Wife, Lover 
Jupiter Prelates, Master
Rahu Snakes


I had a strange case. One client came to me saying that he has problem from his son. I asked him how his relations with his father was. He said his father was a tyrant and he criticised his father a lot. From the horoscope, I discerned that his horoscope has Pitru Sapa ( curse from the father ). His Sun was afflicted and so was his 9th House ( Father ) So I told him about the curse from the father and he said many an astrologer had voiced the same opinion. I gave him the remedial measures and he recovered from the malady.

Another case was Fifth House Affliction. One client, childless, had the The House of Progeny afflicted by Rahu. I prescribed remedies and told them to do Santhana Gopala Homa. After one year, she phoned me to say that she had a baby girl!

Putra sthana gathe Rahu putresa sahite dha va

Shubhai aneekshithe vidyal sarpa sapal sutha kshaya


Sumangali Sapa - This is the curse from a married woman. This can be discerned by the affliction of Venus and the Seventh House.

Brahmana Sapa - This is curse from the learned. Can be discerned from the afliction of Jupiter or the Ninth House'


If Jupiter is positioned in Badha Sthana or if a malefic tenants Badha Sthana , Brahmana or Guru sapa results.


Jeevarkshe papagakeh

Paparkshe deve mantrini hyayava

Dwija sapo vacha syath

Guru sapo va yadhochitham chinthyam 


Mathru Sapa - Curse from the mother. Can be discerned from the affliction of Moon and the Fourth House.


Mathru sthana gathe pape suthese manda samyuthe

Vyaye papa graher yukte mathru doshal sutha kshaya


Kanyaka Sapa - Curse of an unmarried woman or lover. Can be discerned from the affliction of Venus and the Seventh House.

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Medhini Sapa - Curse from Wife.

You can imagine when a married man has an affair and what the wife will say. Can be discerned from the affilction of Venus and the House of Marriage.

Bhagini Sapa - Curse of Sister

When a brother torments his sister, this results. Can be discerned from the 3rd House and the 11th House which rules sisters and from the affliction of Venus.

Bala Sapa - Curse of children

When parents torture their children, this results. Can be discerned from the position of Jupiter and the Fifth House.

Bhatru Sapa - Curse of Brother

When brothers are tormented this results. Can be discerned from the position of Mars and the 3rd and 11th houses.


While delineating curses, one should look at the Badhaka Sthana or the House of Badha

Charodaya labha grihe thu badha

Sthithe pi rasau navame vichinthya

Thadobhaye kama grihe trayanam

Kendra sthitai ityapare vadanti


For Movable Signs the 11th

For next Signs 9th

For Signs next Seventh

This is the principle of Badhaka Sthana