Yoga cures Roga=Bhoga

This world is sunk in Wealth, Wine and Women,
Bhoga, to be short; Bhoga means enjoyments sensory,
Hankering after sensory pleasures is Suffering's root cause,
As senses and the perceived trigger Passion's spark of fire !
Bhoga is Roga and it can only be cured by Yoga,
Is an Apta Vakya which exists as mere poetic imagery,
Until Actualised, for love for the sensory pleasures,
Can bind thee to the world sublunar !
All sensory enjoyments are transitory,
Beware of the loss of Ayus,
Bhogangalellum Kshana Prabha Chanchalam,
Vegena Nashtamam Ayussumorkanee.
While Bhoga binds you to the mundane,
Whereas Yoga can get you the Empyrean,
For gaining Seventh Heaven there is a condition,
Sacrifice, if thou want Self Actualisation !
Bhongalil iccha Bandhamakunnu,
Tat Tyagamakunnathu Moksham ennothunnu,
Reveals Yoga Vasishta ,
Vasishta revealing Esoterica to Lord Rama.
And what is the Empyrean, the Heaven Seventh?
When Dante is melancholic, Beatrice comforts him,
And tells him that all his dreams wiil be fufilled,
In the Empyrean,  which is eternal fulness !


To understand Bhoga, we have to go,
To the SOR Orientation Theory,
Of Modern Psychology,
Of Stimulus - Organism - Response !
A man orders one peg, stimulus organism response,
After the first, he wants a second,
After the second, a third,
The Response had itself become a Stimulus.
This chain of stimulus response,
Conditioned by circumstances,
Stretches from cradle to cemetery,
Making Man a dissatisfied creature.
So, the 3 Ws, Wealth, Wine and Women,
Are never really satisfying !
Pitted against these 3 Ws is another W,
Wisdom, which alone can give Self Actualisation!


Western Naturopathy believes,
In the Healing Power of Nature,
Vis Medicatrix Naturae,
Nature is the Sole Doctor
The Physican treats,
But it is Nature that heals,
Medicus Curata,
Natura Sanat.
Indian Naturopathy
Averrs  the same.
The FIve Elements,
Are the Five Doctors !
Annam Brahma in this context,
Means Five Elements can cure !
Annam hi bhootanam Jyeshtyam,
Tasmat Sarvoushadham Uchyate.
Dr Ether, Dr Water, Dr Air,
Dr Earth and Dr Fire
Can heal all diseases,
Sunlight Therapy is Tejopasana.
Taking in organic
Fruits and veggies,
Is Privthyopasana,
As Prithvi means Earth.
Water has medicianl properties,
Apasthva Vishva Bheshajee.
Fasting Therapy is the best,
And goes by the name, Akasopasana.
Overeating is the Cause, averrs Naturopathy,
Of all diseases,
Loss of vitality, Dhatu Kshaya,
Is the cause, saith Ayurveda !
Overindulgence in sensory pleasures,
Can cause Dhatu Kshaya, loss of virility,
Overeating is condemned,
As Food is a Killer.
Food is an addiction,
Like Alcohol,
That is why Fasting is prescribed,
Lankhanam Param Oushadham.
He who eats once in a day,
Is a genuine Yogi.
He who eats twice a day,
Is a genuine Bhogi.
He who eats thrice a day,
Is a genuine Rogi,
He who suffers from disease,
Averrs Naturopathy.
Man is encased by five sheaths,
The Light of the Self should be,
Brought about to the affected part,
For Healing to take place.

Self is seated in the Sky of Consciousness,
Of the mighty Heart, Hrid Chid Akasa.
This Heart Center is also known as Healing Center,
The Helios or the Heli Center in us !